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The Future Of Advertising Online

November 15th, 2013 No comments

Web Experts have been saying for years that Banner Advertising is losing popularity and getting lower click through rates.  They claim they have several different ideas on what will replace this dominant form of advertising.  Pop Up Ads that show up on some websites are growing in popularity.  Some people find them annoying and they try to close the pop up.  If there are enough of them, they can overload the browser’s capacity.  Some Internet Marketers believe that text links are more effective than Banner Ads.  This could be because so many people are aware of Banner Ads and can be easily ignored but text links are not as obvious and show up as part of the site’s content.

Interstitial Ads are also effective at advertising.  They are similar to pop up ads as they appear in the browser’s window.  When a visitor clicks a link, the interstitial ad shows up before the browser loads up the linking page.  These ads close automatically.  They are less annoying than pop up ads but they briefly fill the visitor’s screen and they do make a good impressions.

If you keep up to date with Internet Marketing and Advertising news, you will see stories about the end of the Banner Ad and stories about Banner Ad success.  Banner Ads are going to be here for a long time but they could take newer interesting forms.  Internet Marketing is still in its infancy and because advertising is one of the main sources of revenue that keeps businesses going, you can bet that it continue to grow at a rapid rate.

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