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Luke Lim On The 80/20 Strategy To Buying Traffic That Sells

June 3rd, 2014 No comments

Luke Lim covered a lot of useful information on a recent MOBE Elite Income Earners Webinar on the 80/20 strategy to buying traffic that sells.

He talks about:

  • How he spends 2 hours a month to generate 150 – 300 leads per day online
  • The scientific blueprint to positive ROI
  • How he scaled his income to $20,000/month
  • A crystal ball vision to project your profitability
  • How he increases his revenue/hour through automation

And a lot more training to help you make money online.  He uses Pay Per View which means you pay for every view your ad gets.  They are basically pop up ads that you can put up on whatever site you want if you win the bid for that site.  If you pick the right site to put up your ads on, the traffic is very targeted and really cheap.  This means you can have a really high return on investment.

There was a previous Elite Income Earners Webinar with Bernardo De La Vega who covered the basics of PPV.  You can get access to both of these webinars and many more with Elite Income Earners.

You will get to Elite Income Earners for free for 30 days and the next month is full refundable so you have nothing to lose.  If you have an offer like MOBE and you apply the training just in these 2 webinars, you will start making money online.

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