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2 Things To Seriously Consider

February 12th, 2014 No comments

There is a saying from Margaret Wheatley: “Relationships are all there is.  Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else.  Nothing Exists in isolation.  We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.”  To put it plain and simple, this Internet Marketing Business rocks.  But the problem is, people get it confused.  They can work from home whenever they like.  They can work on their laptop in coffee shops, libraries or anywhere else.  It’s also possible to do it by yourself.

Or can you?  Although you can travel and work as a one man show, nobody in this business has become a success by doing by doing it all by themselves.  They network with people, people help them out, mentor them, sell for them and there is always that one person that really helps to transform your business and life.  In short, don’t try to run this business all by yourself and don’t try to learn everything by going through courses.  That doesn’t work.  It’s a good start and courses are great.  But they are just the beginning of the journey.  Don’t stop there.

Why would you stop there?  We are social creatures and human interactions and helping people out every day is what truly makes us happy.  This yer, things can be different for you.  One way to do this is by taking advantage of MTTB.

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You get lots of training, a personal 1 on 1 coach who is a successful mentor to help you do well.  Students of MTTB love these coaches and they are the best of the best.  The next step for you is to invest time and money to get to events like The Home Business Summit.

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Live in person events have been the tipping point for a lot 7 figure Internet Marketers.  You can”t beat the connections, education and opportunities that you get from live events.  The event above has some of the best that I know of in the industry such as Matt Lloyd, John Chow and Terry Lamb.  You won’t regret coming to to this event.  So make the decision to make this year a great one.