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Still Can’t Make A Decent Living Online?

November 4th, 2017 No comments

It’s urgent this is fixed fast.  The next step to $10k plus months even if you’re starting from zero.  A big part of doing this business right is leading yourself out of the woods of busyness and into doing what counts.  Tim Ferris puts it this way:

  • “Slow down and remember this:
  • Most things make no difference.
  • Being busy is a form of mental laziness.
  • Lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.”

Most people fill their days with unreal conversations and activities that aren’t truly helping move the needle forward in their lives.  The solution to snap ourselves out of this trap most are stuck knee deep in?  Ask yourself this powerful question that highly sought out coach and consultant, Dusan Djukich advises: “What’s the most powerful action that I can take right now?”

Here’s what he says as the next required step: “Once you’ve identified the next powerful action to take, don’t let what you don’t know or don’t feel stop you.”  You may not know exactly how to do something.  Just get busy doing it.  You’ll find out how to do it by what fails and what doesn’t.  You may not feel the right feelings like being psyched to do it but do it anyway.  There will be plenty of time for good feelings later.

It’s powerful stuff, right?  It’s all about doing the necessary actions required to get what you want no matter what.  Doing the next required action step by step.  Avoiding the “Busy” work that most find themselves caught up in just because they’re avoiding that necessary action in front of them to do.  At least the busy work makes them feel like they haven’t quit trying.

Are you open to earning up to $10k or more every month, working part time?  Time for enjoying life and family.  Living one fulfilled day after another.  You’ve got two choices.  I’ll try = “Don’t count on it.”  “I’m committed = Count on it.”

If you are committed.

You’ll be logged in and taking the first step towards your ideal lifestyle and income in just minutes.  If you’re wanting to just try things out, that’s ok.  It’s just this won’t be for you.