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Free And Paid Traffic Wrong?

August 16th, 2014 No comments

Often, I encourage people to get into paid traffic over the free traffic sources but today I want to go against my own grain a bit.  You shouldn’t be investing in any traffic whether it’s free or paid until you have this in place.  What is it that you should have in place?  A Powerful Conversion Vehicle.  Without that in place first, you don’t really have a business doing anything else much less trying to drive traffic.

The problem is most people think they have a traffic problem.  They whine about Face book ads not working and Solo Ads being but the reality is they don’t have a traffic problem.  They have a conversion problem.  That’s why having a conversion vehicle first is so critical.  Have a sales funnel set up including:

  • Opt-In Page
  • Sales Page
  • Upfront Offers
  • Backend Offers that are proven to convert.

Only then do you have a look at your traffic.  Once the conversion vehicle is set up and profitable, you can simple scale up the traffic and then you can watch your profits literally soar for months and even years.  One of the big keys in setting up a sales funnel is having high ticket offers.  The issue is that traffic isn’t cheap so you need a high profit potential.  The other issue is that the competition is fierce.  You need to be able to spend the most on traffic and not the least.  That’s how you’ll dominate and profit consistently.

You can look at it this way: traffic is like the fuel for your business.  It’s not the end all be all.  Setting up your business and sending traffic to it without a high ticket offer is like trying to put 1,000 gallons of gas into a Scooter.  It just won’t happen.  It wasn’t built to handle that.  So most of that gas will be wasted.

High Ticket is equivalent to a 747 Plane.  It’s able to carry your advertising costs and will lead you to the big profits.  With a low ticket offer, you may spend $1,000 in advertising and only get back a few hundred dollars in sales.  That’s because you’re driving a scooter.  Your conversion vehicle wasn’t set up t0 handle that traffic.

The difference with having high ticket offers in your business is that the same $1,000 could yield you a $5k-$10k plus profit all with no extra work on your part.  This is because you made sure you were in the right vehicle to drive you to the maximum amount of profits first.  Getting a powerful conversions vehicle set up like this can be extremely hard or extremely easy.  The hard way is to do it all by yourself.  The easy way is to leverage the system that does most of the heavy lifting for you.  The system will work for you if you work along with it.

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