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Fail-Proof Way To Get Results Online

April 11th, 2014 No comments

I was just checking some sites that show the up coming product launches for Joint Ventures and to decide whether I would promote for them or not.  After a quick look, I saw hundreds of product launches that will be coming to an inbox near you during the next couple of months.  These product launches never stop.  There’s another thing that keeps flowing into our minds every day: more emails promoting the next shiny object which you can clearly see only benefits the marketer and not you.  The other things that keep coming in are:

  • Facebook posts and updates
  • Tweets
  • Blog Posts
  • New Books
  • New pod casts

It’s like a game of Tetris.  All this stuff keeps coming down, non-stop and you’re stuck scrambling, trying to fit all the pieces into your day as they keep coming in.  If you doing this yourself, you could reach the end of your days not really getting anything done that you set out to do.  The noise, the distractions, the game of Online Tetris destroyed all of that for you and your chances of success.

So what is the cure?  Stop playing the game.  I mean it, seriously.  I want you to clear your slate, don’t get distracted by all that noise as you won’t profit online going down that route.  You will feel better and have a lot more clarity when you decide that enough is enough.  I will give you some more help with this.  Treat it like a game.  You know you can’t play Tetris, Angry Birds, Call of Duty or whatever all day long or you will end up homeless or unhappy.  You should only enjoy it during a certain time.  This could be an hour before going to bed or on your lunch break.  Anyway, I would like you to treat your email and other distractions like this.  Do not start you day checking Emails, checking Facebook or reading Blog Posts.  Make sure you don’t do this during the day as well as this will put you back in The Tetris cycle.  You can set a specific time in the afternoon or evening  to do this.  What you find is that you will get massive clarity and you could save 6 hours off of your day by checking all of that stuff in one go all at the same time whenever you choose.  It is crazy how powerful this really is.  It’s a real game changer.  The main idea here is to chunk all of these activities together and then go through them at a specific time each day.

The next you should be focusing on is what to do with all this extra time and clarity on your hands each day.  You should use this time to build a real business that works very well.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start getting some serious results online.  The MTTB System is without a doubt the best way to accomplish this.  You will get a proven system, a coach, a full team to help you and the opportunity to earn high ticket commissions.  You don’t earn the typical $19-$97 commissions that most partners offer their peeps.  With MTTB, you get a share of the big stuff to the tune of $1k, $3k and $5k commissions.

Read this blog post again if you need to, let it sink in and let’s get you profitable and productive so you can start achieving your goals and dreams.  It’s very important that you just don’t implement this strategy of clearing your slate and freeing up your time each day because if you don’t have something to fill up that free time with, if you don’t know what to do every day step by step then you will go back to the old way of things again.  I don’t want this for you.  This is where MTTB comes in.  I hope this helps.

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