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New MTTB Capture Pages

December 11th, 2013 No comments

There are 2 new My Top Tier Business Capture Pages.  Check them out by clicking the links below:

MTTB Capture Page 1

MTTB Capture Page 2

My Top Tier Business has changed with a new sales funnel and new lead capture pages to get more serious buyers by introducing Continuity.  So it is $49 for the first month to get access to the system and then $19 / month.  With just 2 sales yourself, your continuity is paid for.

With more than 2 people on the continuity, you will be making more money from residual income which you get month after month just for getting a buyer once.  This extra cash can fund your advertising to help you make more money online.

The percentage of conversions is down slightly from lead to buyer but it is increasing from buyers to License Rights, to titaniums and platinums.  Overall the business is doing very well and has increased in profits from the last month.  So My Top Tier Business is more profitable now than it has ever been and it keeps going up.

Click here to find out more about MTTB.