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How To Create A Digital Product

April 29th, 2013 No comments

Read this post very carefully as you will learn everything you need to know on how to create a digital product.  Matt Lloyd offers an Internet Marketing course How To Build A Funded Proposal that shows internet marketers how to use digital information products and then recruiting them in to their business.

There are two main problems most people face when promoting a business opportunity:

1. Trust – Recruiting someone in to your business is hard straight away but can be done

2. Cash – if you are just promoting your business opportunity then you are dependent on the company commissions coming in and it can be difficult especially today as it becoming more and more competitive in internet marketing.  The main solution to both these problems is A Funded Proposal.

How To Build A Funded Proposal is a paid digital information product that you offer to your leads.  There are three main aims of the funded proposal:

1. Delivering value to the leads that purchase the funded proposal

2. To help you make money online so you can start promoting your business more aggressively.

3. To teach your leads in to joining your business opportunity

By doing it this way instead of directly promoting your business opportunity, you can create a digital info product, promote it as a front end product, sell it to make money and then recruit the people who are serious about joining your business opportunity.

There is a lot of useful information that is taught inside the internet marketing course How To Build A Funded Proposal.  Information such as how to create an info product, how to set up a squeeze page to capture email addresses, create a sales letter, how to get the payment processor set up such as PayPal, how to get leads and then convert them in to buyers and the most importantly recruiting buyers in to your network marketing company.

How To Build a Funded proposal will teach you how to create a digital product so you can sell your own info product.  The two main reasons for this is that it  gives you Authority and Trust which can be very useful when you are looking to recruit leads in to your network marketing company.

Is How To Build a Funded Proposal Worth It?

How To Build A Funded Proposal is one of the best internet marketing courses to get you started with creating your own digital information product.  When I signed up to this program I was really impressed.  I would very highly recommend that you become a member of My Online Business Empire.  Matt Lloyd also offers a free video on how to get started with How to Build a Funded Proposal.

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Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail?

March 21st, 2013 No comments

Why most network marketers fail to have a successful online business.  Network Marketing can be simple, but the old way i.e. cold calling is really difficult.  Don’t kid yourself.

Let me explain why Network Marketing is notorious for having a 95% or higher failure rate?  Have your ever heard of Occam’s razor?  It states the simplest explanation for a phenomenon is usually the best.  This is the theory that will be used to explain why more than 95% or more network marketers fail.

One of the reasons why most network marketers fail is because the marketing methods they are taught don’t work 95% or more of the time.  So this leads onto the next logical question what are most network marketers taught?  Well what they are taught is to buy and cold call leads.  I am not going to say this doesn’t work but after hearing from other people after 6 months of cold calling leads for 3 hours a day with very little success this tactic doesn’t work that well.  Unless you are a natural born confident sales leader going into your network marketing career you will probably end up having the same results.  There are some people out there who are really good at cold calling but most are not.

What happens to most people after they have spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on leads with very little success after months of effort? They run out of money, they get burned out and end up giving up.

Another important reason as to why most network marketers fail is because of the type of leads they buy.  What difference does the type of leads make to the network marketer?  Business Opportunity leads.  The leads most network marketers are told to use are generic.  The leads answers an ad that just asks them if they want to be financially free or make money from home.  Well obviously they do but they do not want anything to do with joining your network marketing program.

When the average network marketer calls these generic business opportunity leads the leads don’t know anything about the network marketer’s business and for the most part actually don’t care.  This is what leads the network marketer hearing a lot of NOs.  Hearing no all the time leads to a lot of self doubt about the network marketer’s own ability and the validity of their association with their network marketing company.  The network marketer ends up with negative negative feelings and will usually quit within 3-6 months.  The network marketer’s perception of their business goes from one of opportunity to one of complete doubt and negativity.   Reality follows perception, so because the network marketer believes both themselves and their business as having little hope this becomes true.  This is one of the biggest reasons why most network marketers fail.

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The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing

March 18th, 2013 No comments

The dirty truth about network marketing that you must know and understand if you ever want to succeed with making money online.

On the surface, network marketing companies appear to be thriving communities of consuming customers all happy with the product that they are consuming and they really are, but what drives that community of thriving consumers has absolutely nothing to do with the product itself.

Think about this statement.  Let me ask you a question: Why did you decide to get started in an Internet Marketing Business? You dont have to say anything out loud but answer this question in your head right now.  I can guarantee that the answer will be that you decided to start an online business becuase you want some extra money and one day you would like to have financial freedom.  Is this correct?

Let me ask you another question right now.  When you generate leads and then talk to your leads about your business what do you talk to them about?  Most of the time you will probably stick to the corporate script which ends up with the lead asking you questions about your network marketing companies products or services.  By the end of the call you lose control and your lead ends up confused.  You get of the phone and hope by some grace of god your lead will join your network marketing comapny.  This is a very likely story.  Here’s why.

If you want to be successful with network marketing then you should not be selling your leads on your product at all.  The only thing that you should ever talk to your leads about is the same thing that made want to your network marketing business which is more money and financial freedom.

Network Marketing is built on financial hopes and dreams of financial success.  So that this is the only only thing you should speak to them about which helps to sell themselves.  Think about it this way if you had the same amount of your network marketing companie’s product in one hand and money in the other hand, which do think the lead would choose?  The top income earners all know the answer to this question and this is how they make their money.

Your network marketing business will not grow if you just keep pushing products.  It will only really grow once you sell people on their financial dreams.  If you think about it your companies real product is its sales and marketing system.  The quicker your company can help you generate sales the quicker you can get the financial benefits from your business.

What you want is a simpe and effective marketing system plus the training your comapny provides.  This makes it easier for the lead to duplicate.  In simple terms your companies real product is its duplicability.

To have a highly successful network marketing business you need a system that you can have which will let the lead sell themselves on their financial dreams.  You want to find people that want financial freedom and then shorten their learning curve so that the lead can go and do the same.

Learn how you can earn $17,022.85 per month in your spare time even if nobody joins your Network Marketing Business.  Forget cold calling and anything you have ever been taught about building an internet marketing business.  Let this 24-yr old “unknown” marketer show you how he built an organization without making one phone call!

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