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How To Put The Pieces Together Online?

April 21st, 2014 No comments

One of the most powerful things you can do in order to have big breakthroughs and to take your online business to the next level is to ask yourself questions.  Lots of them and especially the tuff ones.  This is why a lot people have coaches, the successful people have coaches and even the coaches have coaches.  Quite often we help others out but never stop to help ourselves out when we should ask ourselves the questions that will allow us to see why we’re at where we currently at.  Asking yourself questions similar to the ones below and going deeper, you will find that you have just given yourself an incredible gift.  You will get that much clarity that you will feel like you can absolutely crush it.

Think about someone new to this online business who is looking to make their very first dollar online or even someone that needs a break through, a typical question and answer session reveals a lot of holes as to how they going about things.  Below is an example:

Coach: So what’s your main goal in this online business?

Student: To make more money online, duh!

Coach: Why do you want to make more money?  What difference would an extra $10k a month make

Student: Huh? I just want to make more money!

Coach: Have you become a student of our industry?  Are you learning selling online, the key fundamentals of marketing and selling and building relationships?

Student: I buy a lot of products, so yeah!

Coach: How many marketing events have you attended and how many are you planning on attending this year?

Student: All they try and do is sell products.  I don’t want that.  This is an Internet Business.

Coach: OK, get a pen and paper and write down all the income producing activities that you have been doing over the last 30 days.  For e.g. creating sales pages, making offers to your target market or paid advertising.

Student: I could probably write all I’ve done out on a sticky note for you (in an embarrassing voice).

Coach: Would you like help with this?  help with taking your online business to the next level.  Are you ready to treat it like a real business in order to be a success.

Student: Yes, please

I’m sure you get the idea.  This guy is just a dreamer.  He’s serious.  He simply has some preconceived ideas about this business and how to go about succeeding in it.  however, like most, his conclusions are dead wrong.  You must become a real and serious student of business and marketing.   You must become curious about life in general.  See what the world likes, dislikes, what’s hot, what’s not, what do people desire, when you feel like you must have something where is it coming from?  Take note of this stuff and become a lifelong student of this stuff.

You must get to live events.  90% of marketers talk about their most profitable deals and biggest breakthroughs coming from being at a live event.  They don’t see it as optional and neither should you.  Of course, daily, you should be focusing on income producing activities.  The activities that will directly put money into your pocket like marketing, selling, creating direct value to your market.

Slow down, ask your self these powerful questions, get real and vulnerable with yourself and your answers.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  This is how breakthroughs occur.  This is how you will get your first $1.00, your first $10,000 and your first $100,000 per year and beyond.  I believe it’s all within your grasp my friend.  If you need help with this, then make sure to sign up to MTTB today.

MTTB is a complete and proven system that works which will give you total clarity and focus moving forward.  You get 2 coaches.  A business coach and a traffic coach who will tailor craft a successful business plan built for you.  Throughout this year, you will have many chances to attend MOBE events being put on around the globe.  Previous events have been exotic spots like Fiji, Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica and a Titanium Mastermind coming up in The Bahamas.

Why not get going with MTTB today and set a goal of 2-3 events this year?