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Master The Art Of Money Making

November 27th, 2016 No comments

Coaches and trainers have mastered the craft of achieving and maintaining physical wellness and they’ve taught us how to get there by teaching us their exercises.  Monks and mystics have mastered the craft of communing with the divine and they’ve written out their prayers and disciplines for us to copy.  Advanced educators have mastered the craft of learning and we learn how to learn by imitating their methods.

Here is the main point of all education: Do what I do and you’ll get to where I am.  That’s MTTB.  I’ve mastered the craft of money making and I want to teach you how to get to where I am.  Of course, you can try work out, pray or learn on your own but all of human civilisation has worked on the principle of students imitating masters.

You don’t need to spend several years and tens of thousands of dollars at a business school.  You need a master to imitate as we all do.  Cut out the middle man and give me just $49 and 30 days.

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