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Your Personal System To Wealth

March 18th, 2014 No comments

Today I want to share something very powerful.  Once you really get this, you can snowball yourself to incredible success this year.  You will be able to avoid the guru’s big fancy earnings and the other top earners who flaunt their stats.  This will be your formula, sound cool?  First let me tell you what happened that reminded me of this strategy.  I was on YouTube and came across ‘The Voice’ channel.  It’s very similar to the whole American Idol type model.  There are some incredible singers who are competing for the big music contract.  This week, they start the mentor phase.  This is where the top contestants bring in famous songwriters, Grammy award winners and other legends to help them work on their vocals and presence.  The lead singer of Maroon 5 Adam Levine brought in Aloe Blacc as a mentor.

It’s what he said that reminds me of this.  As the contestants came and paid their respects, he said: “You are now battling against the old you, you are going to go out there to present the new you.”  These words are literally gold.  They are not competing with best in the world out there.  They are competing against themselves, the older versions of themselves.  Every week, all they need to do is beat their last week’s best.

This is also a very effective way to go about building a profitable online business and it is being used by many successful Internet Marketers.  Do not compare yourself with others.  This is because you don’t know their circumstances, the time or money they are investing into the business, their skill level and the influence they have.  You need to focus on beating your last week and month’s best.  Last month did you get 30 leads?  This month try to get 60 leads.  Then 100 and 200 leads.  This week you may have only reached out to 10 new leads and offered to help them in their business?  Then next week you can do 5 a day.  This week you may invested in $50 on paid traffic.  Next week you can spend $100.  You get the idea here?  Once you compete with yourself, you are trying to beat your personal best.  Once you do this you will be much happier, more profitable and you will build massive momentum.  Once you start doing well, you will get your name on the leader boards and people will be wondering what you’ve been doing.

It’s all about what Aloe Blacc told his mentors: “Today, you will start the battle against the old you.”  Take this strategy and apply it to your own business.  It will give you such a relief when you are not competing with other people.  You will have something realistic and tangible to test and track each week.  If you need a strategy and system that allows you to continuously and profitably improve each week:

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