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Internet Marketing Basics And An Important Concept You Need To Know To Sell Online

September 12th, 2013 No comments

There are many lessons you need to learn to sell online.  This lesson is just the tip of the iceberg.  As of right now as you are not a My Top Tier Business Member so I can only help you with lessons that do not reveal the inner-working of the business.  You will learn these secrets once you Join My Top Tier Business and sign a non disclosure agreement.

There is a video below in which you will learn:

  • The main concepts behind internet marketing and its these concepts most people do not fully understand which is causing them to fail with making money online.
  • How you can run a very profitable business from your house
  • What a starving crowd is and why this is one of the most important concepts and why this will allow you to make more sales than the best copywriters and the best phone sales people
  • The formula to consistently making money online
  • Why cheap clicks are a waste of time and money
  • Where you make most of your money and how to focus on this group to make more profits
  • Matt Lloyd’s systems for selling and how you can use them
  • Why money loves speed and how this will skyrocket your results in your online business
  • How to make the best use of your time and avoid distractions

Once you have watched the video, you can get started with My Top Tier Business by clicking the link below.

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Your Personal Coach To Help You Make Your First $1,000 Commission Online

September 9th, 2013 No comments

Almost every successful person has a coach.  The best golfers out there still get help from their Swing Coach.  Every single person that is making $1 million or more has a coach.  This includes the owner of My Top Tier Business Matt Lloyd.  Most successful people would not be where they are today if it was for the help of a coach.  When you join My Top Tier Business, you will get a personal coach for free.  All the My Top Tier Business coaches are 6 figure earners and their main job is to help you.

Your coach will help you in many ways such as:

  • Walking you through the 21 steps in a lot of depth
  • Answering all your questions about My Top Tier Business
  • Helping you with any questions you have about making money online from newbie to advanced
  • Motivating you to get results
  • Telling you when you are doing something wrong and point you in the right direction
  • listening to you when you want someone to bounce ideas off of

Nothing you will ask is too basic.  Just ask anything you would like to ask.  If you don’t know things like what a sales funnel is then your coach will explain it.  If you are stuck on how to get leads, then your coach will show you how to easily get qualified leads.  Now coaching normally is very expensive and could be thousands of dollars or more.  But if you decide to join My Top Tier Business today, you will get a free coach as part of this program.

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After you have joined this program, you will get a welcome call from your to establish your current situation, your experience you have making money online and you goals of what you hope to achieve.

Once you finish the first 3 steps, you will meet with your coach to cover what you have learned and to answer any questions you have.  You will continue to have your coaching calls after every three steps you complete which should be roughly every 3 days.

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21 Steps To Freedom

September 2nd, 2013 No comments

Most people are stuck in a dead end job or endless job hunting.  Or they are stuck financially living from pay check to pay check.  You may even have tried to set up a home business but got stuck along the way.  You could have had some affiliate commissions but stuck doing all the work yourself and unable to break through to the next level.

Well My Top Tier Business will give you the freedom you are needing.  There are two main reasons why My Top Tier business is different than from everything else out there:

  1. Experienced sales team make the high ticket sales for you and you will get paid $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 commissions.  This is the only system out there doing this.
  2. MTTB is backed up by the strongest guarantee in this industry.  Matt Lloyd the owner of this system is very confident in this system that he will give you $500 out of his own pocket if you do not make $1000 within 30 days of completing all the steps.

Check out My Top Tier Business and start earning $1,000 to $5,000 commissions.

When most people talk about making money online it all just boils down to freedom and money is one way to achieve that freedom.  The freedom to decide how you would like to spend your day, when to get up in the morning, and do what you would like to do and when to do it.  Freedom could be spending more time with the kids, going on holidays or relaxing by the pool.  It is entirely up to you.  That’s the kind of freedom you can have with MTTB.

Matt Lloyd has developed a system that will get you this kind of freedom in 21 steps with MTTB.  This is how the process works:

You join MTTB for a $49 application fee which is fully refundable if you are not accepted.  You will go through 1 step a day and each step will take about 30 minutes.  A personal coach will help you through the steps.

After you go through the steps, you will be generating leads to and start putting leads into the sales funnels.  You will be shown how to get quality leads.  Your leads will then start turning into sales that you get commissions on.  The MOBE phone team will close high ticket sales for you and each time you will make $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000.  The MOBE phone team are a professional phone sales team and they are 6 figure earners.  They give a commission for each sale they close and you get fat commissions.  This is the biggest secret as to why MOBE is doing so well.  This is the #1 skill required to make higher commissions and this part is taken care of for you.

Matt Lloyd is so confident in this program that he is prepared to pay you $500 out of his own pocket if you don’t make $1000 in commission after completing the 21 steps.

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