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How Mindset Affects Your Online Business?

April 4th, 2014 No comments

When I first started in this industry I didn’t have much.  Money was low.  I was new to making money online.  I was scared putting money into this, not knowing what was going to happen.  I realise now I lacked mindset.  Mindset is everything to an entrepreneur.  We get a lot of luxuries with this online business such as:

  • Not having to go to an office every day
  • Not having to report to a boss every day
  • Work when you want
  • Work where you want
  • Making a lot of money online
However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the mindset of having an 8-5 job.  Many members within MTTB have been working with a coach so they can have a successful mindset and start taking action.  This has allowed them to travel the world, have multiple online businesses and even more importantly give back.  I want to give you the opportunity to leverage someone who has been through what you are going through right now.  By joining me in my business, I can teach you and help you like I have been helped.  When you join me, I can share with you, the entrepreneurial mindset.  This way you can take advantage of learning from my mistakes, my motivation and ask question you want about this business.
This is where you can truly feel special because you will be a part of a group that really cares about your success online.  This is when you decide to make a change in your life and be the success you know you can be.  If you want to join, it’s a simple process.  To make the necessary changes which are needed in your business and finally work with someone who is real honest and will help by pushing you to greatness.  I am here to help you by providing value and helping you to become successful online.

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Why Is Matt Offering The We Sell Good Traffic Packages

December 5th, 2013 No comments

Read my earlier posts on We Sell Good Traffic to find out more about it.  In today’s post I will talk about why Matt Lloyd is offering the traffic packages rather than keeping the traffic for himself.  The reason Matt has done so well with his My Online Business Empire system is because he has been able to think long term.  The main point of My Online Business Empire is to is to get partners that will help to bring in leads and sales to grow the business.  Another reason is that the idea is to get serious MOBE partners off the ground so they can start their own major traffic buys.

One person is limited to creativity but with many partners you can tap many other sources that haven’t been though of yet or or tap the same sources in different ways.  This traffic can give you a head start to do even better in the future.  Matt knows when you start getting some sales under your belt and find out how to get good traffic, then you will be more motivated to go full throttle in your online business, quit your job and join the other entrepreneurs who are making a lot of money online.

If you are a partner of MOBE, once you start doing well the business gets stronger.  The business is set up so Matt only makes money when the partners do.  This traffic package is really in your favor as 100% of the money goes straight into the traffic package and Matt will also create and target the ads for you.  Matt is an expert on lead generation and has made a living for years designing and targeting ads to get leads.  For someone to hire Matt to do this type of work would cost thousands of dollars even for a small traffic consultation and that’s not considering your ad spend.

If this traffic package deal is not in your budget then that’s fine.  For some, they are going to think this is too much money for anything even though they know this can help them to get rid of their money worries.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and if you are serious about building your online business and getting the big pay days you expected when you signed up for My Online Business Empire then take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are not a member of MTTB, then click this link to find out more. 

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Marketers Facing Extinction

October 24th, 2013 No comments

One of the most isolated tribes in the world are The Akunstu Tribe.  They are also one the weirdest as well.  They hail from the indigenous people of Brazil and have seriously wild man boos.  In 1995 there were 7 of them and fast forward to 2006, there were just 6 of them.  This is not the type of growth any tribe would want.  To make matters worse for them, the only child of theirs died in a freak storm.  This means they are slowly sitting around awaiting complete extinction.

There is a similar plague which is happening in The Internet Marketing Space and in the follow the guru crowd.  A lot of people who try to build an online business try to do so on their own.  They are some of the most isolated people in the world, sitting there in their own rooms and trying to get rich quick.  They may not have man boobs although sitting about for long periods could it make it possible for them.  Some Internet Marketers do some pretty wild things trying to make a living online.  They try to buy products that are promising them to get rich quick just by pushing a button or by worshipping gurus who get rich by selling you get rich quick schemes.  Instead of learning how business works and The Internet Marketing basics like generating leads, improving conversions and getting sales.  They go and buy the latest shiny product with their flashy promises.  This is very strange.  It doesn’t matter how you got started in this or become a member of this crazy community.  People that sit behind their computers idly and get no real results are facing extinction.  The gurus that lead this tribe are facing a similar problem as well.

Things do not have to be this way.  There is a totally different tribe out there.  There are people that are making big moves, they are teaching and are spending more time doing.  They are making a lot of money online.  They have plenty of their students who are also doing very well online.  Many people in this tribe have quit their jobs.  The first step is to learn that it isn’t about being a recluse.  Isolation in this business is a recipe for failure.  The second step is to join a tribe of people who have the results you are looking for and model them.

Both of these 2 steps can be fulfilled by clicking this link and get committed to joining a different tribe.

There are plenty of Internet Marketers who are leaving the scene broke and while there are those who buy product after product getting no results, there is an elite group who are action takers and making a of of money online.

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What WIll You Be Doing In A Year From Now?

September 19th, 2013 No comments

Ask yourself this question, where will you be in a year from today?  If you take action you could end up making a lot of money online but if you sit and do nothing, you will end up in the same situation as you are today.  Then nothing will change in your life for the better.  Things could get even worse.  You could end up losing your job or have unexpected costs.

The main point here is life rewards action takers.  Nothing changes for you unless you make it happen.  My Top Tier Business can give you all the tools, the sales funnels, the phone sales team selling your leads high ticket programs, products already for you to sell and even high commissions on all Matt Lloyd’s programs.  But this still means that you have to take the first step.

The first step is join My Top Tier Business and follow the 21 steps.  The program is 100% risk free.  Your application fee $49 (which is there mainly to keep out the time wasters) will be refunded if you would like a refund or are not accepted.  Once you go through the program and in the off chance that you do not make $1,000 within 30 days of completing the program then Matt Lloyd will pay you $500 out of his own pocket.  If this happens you could end up $451 better off.  This way not only do you get coaching and training worth hundreds of dollars, you will even get paid to go through the training.  To qualify for the insane guarantee that no one else has ever made, you have to show that you went through each step and have made no commissions.

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