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Do You Actually Finish What You Begin?

January 17th, 2014 No comments

There is a saying from Mark Cuban – “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is”.  Mark Cuban should know as he’s a billionaire with a big fat bank account.  So how do you find out if you have true grit?  I am not talking about the John Wayne movie.  True Grit is having an underlying passion and perseverance to achieve your goals.  This is sweat equity and is one of the main predictors of success.  True grit beats talent every single time.

So do you have true grit?  I will help you find out right now.  Rate yourself on the following true grit test:

  1. Do you usually finish what ever you start?
  2. Do you give up when the going gets tough
  3. Are you interested in starting new pursuits every few weeks or days?
  4. Do you have a problem starting your tasks for your goals?
  5. Are you willing to overcome obstacles and fears to achieve your goals?

Your actions tell you a lot but it may not be what you want to believe.  These are just some of the main questions to ask yourself if you have true grit.  If you don’t like the answers to these questions yet, don’t worry you can change.  You can learn to get grit.  This isn’t something you are born with but the 2 main things that can help you is to be optimistic and realistic.  Then it’s a case of starting.  There are many ways to start as you can read hundreds of pages on the topic or you can just start right now.  Seriously just start right now.  Life doesn’t slow down just for some one to get their butt in gear.  So whatever you have been putting off, start doing it.  You will not regret it but you feel amazing once you finally start and get results.

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