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Is Your Arrow Pointing To Success Or Prison?

December 31st, 2016 No comments

Have you ever seen the arrow in the FedEx logo?  Go ahead and take a look.  See it between the E and X?  If this is the first time you’ve seen it, then your life has changed forever because from now on everytime you see the FedEx logo, you’ll see the arrow.  Even if you aren’t looking for the arrow, everytime you’ll see it for the rest of your life.

Of course, this isn’t life altering news but it actually has something in common with the usual 9-5 job.  I’m fortunate enough to make a living from my own computer.  I don’t have to wait tables or flip burgers.  I work when and where I wanted according to my own schedule.

Once I left school, a lot of my friends had a regular job.  Something other than the steady 9-5 was scary.  I knew this wasn’t for me.  I would rather work for myself.

First of all, I wouldn’t be working for myself anymore. I would be working to make money for a company, and that made getting excited to work incredibly hard.  I had seen the FedEx arrow so to speak and I couldn’t look at a regular job without seeing all the benefits of working from my own computer.

If you want to see what working from your own computer looks like:

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