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Your Personal Coach To Help You Make Your First $1,000 Commission Online

September 9th, 2013 No comments

Almost every successful person has a coach.  The best golfers out there still get help from their Swing Coach.  Every single person that is making $1 million or more has a coach.  This includes the owner of My Top Tier Business Matt Lloyd.  Most successful people would not be where they are today if it was for the help of a coach.  When you join My Top Tier Business, you will get a personal coach for free.  All the My Top Tier Business coaches are 6 figure earners and their main job is to help you.

Your coach will help you in many ways such as:

  • Walking you through the 21 steps in a lot of depth
  • Answering all your questions about My Top Tier Business
  • Helping you with any questions you have about making money online from newbie to advanced
  • Motivating you to get results
  • Telling you when you are doing something wrong and point you in the right direction
  • listening to you when you want someone to bounce ideas off of

Nothing you will ask is too basic.  Just ask anything you would like to ask.  If you don’t know things like what a sales funnel is then your coach will explain it.  If you are stuck on how to get leads, then your coach will show you how to easily get qualified leads.  Now coaching normally is very expensive and could be thousands of dollars or more.  But if you decide to join My Top Tier Business today, you will get a free coach as part of this program.

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After you have joined this program, you will get a welcome call from your to establish your current situation, your experience you have making money online and you goals of what you hope to achieve.

Once you finish the first 3 steps, you will meet with your coach to cover what you have learned and to answer any questions you have.  You will continue to have your coaching calls after every three steps you complete which should be roughly every 3 days.

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How To Create A Digital Product

April 29th, 2013 No comments

Read this post very carefully as you will learn everything you need to know on how to create a digital product.  Matt Lloyd offers an Internet Marketing course How To Build A Funded Proposal that shows internet marketers how to use digital information products and then recruiting them in to their business.

There are two main problems most people face when promoting a business opportunity:

1. Trust – Recruiting someone in to your business is hard straight away but can be done

2. Cash – if you are just promoting your business opportunity then you are dependent on the company commissions coming in and it can be difficult especially today as it becoming more and more competitive in internet marketing.  The main solution to both these problems is A Funded Proposal.

How To Build A Funded Proposal is a paid digital information product that you offer to your leads.  There are three main aims of the funded proposal:

1. Delivering value to the leads that purchase the funded proposal

2. To help you make money online so you can start promoting your business more aggressively.

3. To teach your leads in to joining your business opportunity

By doing it this way instead of directly promoting your business opportunity, you can create a digital info product, promote it as a front end product, sell it to make money and then recruit the people who are serious about joining your business opportunity.

There is a lot of useful information that is taught inside the internet marketing course How To Build A Funded Proposal.  Information such as how to create an info product, how to set up a squeeze page to capture email addresses, create a sales letter, how to get the payment processor set up such as PayPal, how to get leads and then convert them in to buyers and the most importantly recruiting buyers in to your network marketing company.

How To Build a Funded proposal will teach you how to create a digital product so you can sell your own info product.  The two main reasons for this is that it  gives you Authority and Trust which can be very useful when you are looking to recruit leads in to your network marketing company.

Is How To Build a Funded Proposal Worth It?

How To Build A Funded Proposal is one of the best internet marketing courses to get you started with creating your own digital information product.  When I signed up to this program I was really impressed.  I would very highly recommend that you become a member of My Online Business Empire.  Matt Lloyd also offers a free video on how to get started with How to Build a Funded Proposal.

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