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The Home Business Summit

October 17th, 2013 14 comments

Matt Lloyd is so confident in The Home Business Summit that he says if you do not go away from the event knowing how to make $100,000 in the next 12 months then he will pay for your hotel room and even your ticket.  So you have nothing to lose.  Watch this video below of people at the most recent Home Business Summit.

Most of what you have been learning on how to make money online is flat out wrong.  You have been set up to fail.  This is this idea that sending traffic will make you rich.  If you follow this method, you will end up like everyone else not making money online.  At The Home Business Summit on November 1st-Novermeber 3rd, you will be taught all you need to know about traffic as well the missing half of the equation.  You will learn the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you to get the results you are looking for.  You will leave the event know exactly what to do to start making $5,000 to $10,000 every single month.

You will learn over 60,000 hours of information into 2 days of simple step by step training.  You will find out what really works to make money online and you will be given the golden nuggets you need to really do well online.  You could be making $60,000 – $120,000.  Imagine how this much money would change your life.  You can:

  • Clear your debt
  • Buy a new car
  • Pay for your mortgage
  • Quit your job
  • Go on a holiday

None of the speakers will sell you anything.  You will learn a lot of insider secrets on what is working right now.  Every speaker is doing what they will teach you.  You will hear from people like:

John Chow

John Chow – Blogger, speaker and an Internet Marketers.  He has one of the biggest blogs on the planet, with 200,000 active daily readers.  He has earned over $130,000 promoting My Online Business Empire mostly on auto pilot. 

Tery Lamb

Terry Lamb has been online for a long time until he finally cracked the internet marketing code.  He made over $50,000 in commissions in his first 2 weeks with The MOBE License Rights Program.  Terry will be sharing how he made this much money.




There will also be plenty of other speakers at the event who are all experts and internet marketing millionaires.  Matt Lloyd will be speaking.  Matt Lloyd will sharing how he went from scraping by to now making $300,000 a month.  He will be teaching how you can apply the same concept and make your first $100,000 online.

The Home Business Summit is for everybody even if you have not made a single dollar online.  You will learn:

  • How to build your list
  • Lead generation secrets from the super rich
  • How to convert traffic in to leads and buyers
  • How to make your first commission online
  • How to maximize your commissions

Act quickly to get the early bird price.  Currently you get a ticket for $97 but that cost is really nothing if you think about it.  If you make just 1 top tier sale and get a $1,000 commission, then you will have made an extra $900.  That is equivalent to 10 tickets.  This way you are not really paying for the event, you are really investing in your future.

If there is only I event you go to, make sure it is this one.  Many people invest in courses only to be put on the shelf.  It is completely different at a live event, you are much more likely to absorb the information and you will learn what is working now.  There is no other event that will share this much information with what actually works to make money online than The Home Business Summit.  When you learn the information, you will get a lot of value out of it and start making money quite quickly.

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