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Is It Possible To Push A Button And Make Lots Of Money?

September 30th, 2013 No comments

One of the big problems people have when first starting to make money online is the scammers trying to push people on to buying into their push button profits and getting rich quick schemes.  They use anything they can such as pretty girls, flashy graphics and nice sports cars.  This will end with an interesting twist so keep reading.

Why do people fall for this scam?  It is similar with why people gamble.  Its for the dream, the hope and chance of investing in something and making a lot more than your investment back.  The dream of finding the magic bullet.  Here’s the truth, to find a system that will allow you to start from the bottom and to push a button where some magical software just so happens to make you money is just as risky as investing in the lottery.  Your chances of making a lot of money in this way is 0.000002%.  There may be a part of your brain that believes this but you have to ignore it.

Here’s the twist.  It is possible to earn push button profits.  Let me explain.  Pushing a button like hitting the send button in an email will give you a result.  The important thing is to know the process and this should make sense to both your logical and emotional side.  This is really important.  The process involves learning how to build a very response email list, that is constantly growing and requires little time to manage.  Over time your list will get bigger and you will have a list in the thousands and more.  When you get to this stage you can send out an email in the way you will be shown in My Email Marketing Empire and push a button.  This is when the profits will start rolling in.  The main skills you should learn are: how to build your list, how to build the relationship with the list and how you can sell your list products and increase the relationship with them.

The process will require work on your part.  But once you build your list and the relationship with your list, then its like pushing a button and watching the money rolling in to your bank account.  When you join MOBE and start getting sales, you will get a cha ching email every time you make a sale.  I like getting those emails.  So is it worth it?  Most people are out there slaving away at their job while you can sit in the comfort of your own home, write an email and generate profits at will.  I would definitely say it’s worth it.

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