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History Lesson On America’s Patron Saint Of Book Reading

December 15th, 2016 No comments

Frederick Douglass is America’s “Patron Saint” of being a book-reading bad-ass.  Now, I’m not a F-Dougie hater but I think we take his example too seriously.  Douglass was an American slave.  As the story goes, he and his fellow slaves were not allowed to learn how to read.

So, what did he go ahead and do?  He learned to read.  In his reading, his soul was pricked by this idea of “Freedom” that he just couldn’t shake.  So, he dedicated himself to the education and empowerment of his fellow slaves and he staged an escape in the process.  He found his freedom and we know his story.

We’ve been seeking empowerment through education ever since but you’re not Frederick Douglass.  You can read for yourself and no one’s telling you what to do.  At least, not with any power.  So, stop reading “Empowerment” books and get off your butt and make the change you know you want to make.  You could keep with the sheep and read another this-is-how-life-works book.

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