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Why Having Priorities Is Bad?

July 17th, 2014 No comments

The word priority originated around the 1400’s.  One singular word.  400 years after, it remained the word priority.  It was a word that was rarely used at all.  Fast forward 400-500 years and the use of the word sky rockets.  Not only that but man in all his wisdom decides now that they can have priorities.  No longer singular.

So, now you may see a priority list like this:

  • Priority 1: Do this.
  • Priority 2: Do that
  • Priority 3: Overwhelm
  • Priority 4: I’ll do nothing now

In essence, no priority is a priority.  Most people to do too much.  Waaaay too much.

This is ever so important in growing your online business and making it profitable.  This is why you want to be focusing on the critical few.  Try this instead:

  • Master 1 traffic technique, not 20.
  • Create 1 conversion asset, not 20.
  • Build up 1 business model at a time, not 5.

Once you’ve got all this working and more or less on auto pilot, only then do you think about adding more gears to your business model.  With focus, one traffic source, one conversion method and one business model can and does run 6-7 figure businesses.  Is it easy?  Of course, not.

We’re drowning in information and most of the advertisements make us feel like we must have it or that we’ll miss out on an amazing opportunity.  The best opportunity you have right now is to run a lean business and make it your priority.  All the other essentials, get a big fat no.  If you’re into running a lean business that doesn’t require you to run around like a chicken with  your head cut off and that allows you to be very profitable at the same time:

Then check out The MTTB solution.

This unique business model will allow you to focus on just a few important things rather than 100’s.  You will get access to a team, coaches and a powerful system all working on your behalf.  You can stay with most at the bottom rung of the ladder, struggling and fighting to find the way or you can jump to the top right now and already have a fully fledged, proven to profit business model on your hands.

Is having an online business model that makes you $500-$5,000+ a month something you really want?  If so, you’ll make it a priority to do the few things that will get you there.  “Tis not hard, you just gotta do it.”

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The New Years Apocalypse

January 3rd, 2014 No comments

This time every year, millions of people set their new years resolutions.  It has been shown scientifically proven that on certain dates especially January, people set goals they would like to achieve.  The problem with this is that only a small number of people actually keep their new years resolution.  This is what is called The New Years Apocalypse.

So what is the problem as to why people do not keep their new years resolutions?  Knowledge is power.  It’s good to be optimistic but being over optimistic is like setting yourself up to fail.  This could be like setting a goal of making $40 million a year when you haven’t even made $1 million.  It could be losing 100lbs in 90 days when all you keep on doing is gaining weight.  The issue here is that people overestimate their abilities, they underestimate the time and effort required to achieve their goals and their view is usually exaggerated in terms of how their life will change when they achieve their goals.  Another problem is that while setting new years resolutions people forget how much they don’t feel like exercising, how much they may not want to set up a squeeze page or not wanting to market everyday to grow their online business.

This is why people suffer from False Hope Syndrome.  This is one disease you do not want.  Here’s a few things that can help you out:

  • Set realistic achievable goals
  • Create a firm plan of action
  • Set up  contingency plans – if you don’t feel like growing your online business or don’t feel like going the gym then set up plans to deal with this.
  • Have an accountability partner to help you

Don’t expect things to be perfect.  Imperfect action is better than no action.  Imperfect action can help you get in shape and be very wealthy.  Stay focused and be consistent and you will get the results you are looking for.  Speaking of wealth and making money online, have you heard of MTTB yet?  This is a good time for you start going down the path of wealth freedom by the following the 21 steps to success in MTTB.  There are a lot of people who are making lots of money online with MTTB, you can do this as well.  MTTB will help you set up a successful and profitable online business.  If $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions done for you sounds good to you then,

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