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The Quickest Path To Success

April 23rd, 2014 No comments

There’s a company in the Quaint town of Norwich Vermont that makes what they call the Rolls Royce of Jigsaw puzzles.  Haha.  In this company, Steve Puzzles is one of the few left that still makes them out of actual wood.  Instead of making it out of cardboard.  There are plenty of customers including: Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates and Barbara Bush.  They are also repeat customers and they have plenty more.  As expected, the higher quality comes at a higher price and some of the puzzles on the site not even including the custom stuff are selling for $1,500 bones.

You may be wondering why the heck am I telling you this interesting story about puzzles.  It’s because the process of building a puzzle is very similar to getting started in this online business.  Have you ever tried to put a Jigsaw Puzzle without a picture to go off of?  It’s almost impossible.  You could get it completed eventually but how much harder will it be and how much longer will it take?

It’s similar in this online business.  If you can get the picture, the blueprint and the exact layout of how to build a profitable online business then all you have to do is open the box and put all the pieces together.  If you’re like me with building puzzles, you will start with the edges as they are easier to find and then you would work your way to the harder stuff.

If you follow the right plan online, there are ninja shortcuts to follow like this.  This is how The MTTB business model is laid out.  You get a step by step system and a personal coach to give you a clear picture and show you the path of exactly how to build a profitable online business model.  This is how you get one of the most powerful shortcuts in this industry.  You get the ability to earn $1k, $3k and $5k commissions without having to do the selling.  Your friends and cohorts will be puzzled (excuse the pun) at how you are making so much money and so quickly.  The answer is high ticket commissions.  It’s your quickest path to freedom and success that I’ve come across online.

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