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Feeling Your Way To Fulfilment And Income

October 13th, 2017 No comments

It’s not about the what, it’s something much deeper and more primal than that.  It can add significant fulfilment and income as soon as you figure this out.  People most often buy a product for how it makes them feel.  You can invest or sell a product and it makes you feel joyful, liberated and confident.  People stand in line through the night to buy a new iPhone because of the self expression it allows them.  How it makes them feel.

Is this making sense?  You can search online for the Brand Archetype Wheel for some super valuable 411 on this.  For e.g. Apple mainly makes people feel like a Creator as does Lego.  It’s a critical piece to discover what you stand for and to pinpoint the type of tribe you want to build.  You can position any business or opportunity around an Archetype that resonates with  you and your market.  I’d say a lot of businesses like the one I’m knee deep and having fun in right now, we’re a bit in the Rebel and Ruler category.

Take this 21 Step System for example.

It’s definitely a ruler category.  It’s not for folks that want to dabble online and only make a couple hundred bucks a month.  You’re offering premium, high end offers as well as mid and low end that can result in premium commissions heading your way.  That speaks out to some people.  To others, it doesn’t.  That’s totally ok, right?  Just like Apple isn’t going to appeal to a person that wants a practical phone to just make calls.  Your business can’t speak to everybody.  It’s a fool’s errand to think or try otherwise.  Have a great day.