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How To Make Money Online With Ezine Solo Ads?

September 19th, 2014 No comments

Ezine Solo Ads are a great way to start making money online.  Solo Ads are one of the quickest ways to get targeted traffic at a reasonable cost.  You can build a big list quite quickly with Solo Ads.  The advantages of Solo Ads is that you can:

  • Get geo targeted traffic
  • Get clicks delivered quickly
  • Get targeted traffic
  • Get responsive traffic
  • Target buyers

Solo Ads have a lot of advantages but a lot of people do Solo Ads the wrong way.  I see people sending traffic to company web pages when they should be sending traffic to their own squeeze page to build their own list.  It’s about building relationships through the follow up that people get to know, like and trust you.  Then they buy.  This is very important.

With Solo Ads there is a lot of testing involved.  You will have to make squeeze pages and keep tweaking them to get more leads.  You will need an offer that you send your leads on your thank you page.  You will need an auto responder like AWeber or GetResponse where you send your leads to and the auto responders sends emails automatically.  You will need to have emails in your follow up when someone types in their email address into your capture page so you can follow up.

Start with testing 100 clicks to your sales funnel.  If you get good results you can scale up.  If you don’t then you will need to tweak your sales funnel.  There are lots and lots of Solo Ad Vendors and there’s sites like Directory of Ezines where you can buy Solo Ads.  Once you get good with Solo Ads, you can more or less get money on demand.  That is the power of Email Marketing.

If you need help setting any of this up, I’ll be glad to help you.

My Email Marketing Empire is a training course on Email Marketing that will teach you the fundamentals of Email Marketing.  You will learn everything you need including how to set up your email auto responder, how to write emails that sell and any anything else you could imagine on Email Marketing.

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Spelling, Grammar And Formatting Tips For Email Marketing

August 26th, 2013 No comments

You may not realise the connection with correct spelling and grammar and selling products and/or services.  For your customers to buy from you, they must have a certain level of confidence in your abilities.  Proper spelling and grammar gives you a good first impression with your potential customers.

Email Marketing is very popular.  On average an office worker sends and receives about 36 emails every single day.  Some people are getting many more.  By using correct spelling, grammar, proper formatting and keeping your emails short, there’s a much better chance your emails will be read.

The best email messages are the short and brief ones.  They are quicker for the recipient to read and easy on the eyes.  To make the message more friendly looking, use double line spacing between paragraphs.  Some people will skim read your messages.  You can make sure they do not miss out on the important points by creating lists.  These can be read quickly and the readers can see the main points.    You can use bullets or numbering to highlight your main pints.  When writing your list you have three options:

  • Complete sentences
  • Fragments
  • Single words

You can use whatever format you prefer but just be consistent.  Double line spacing makes it easier to read your emails.  When your email messages are formatted effectively, they are more likely to be read.

Spellchecker on a computer is quite useful but there are grammatical errors a computer wont find.  This can happen even if the spelling is correct but it could be incorrect usage of words.  The bad news is that some people will have negative conclusions about your company because of your spelling and grammar errors.  So it is something you want to make sure you can correct when writing emails as well when you are blogging or writing anywhere else.

There are some general guidelines to follow such as:

  • Re read your content when you are finished writing.
  • Use a spellchecker – it may not catch everything but it helps.
  • If it helps take a break and read you content later with fresh eyes.
  • Get someone else to proofread your content.  Usually they will see things you might have missed out on.

There is no need to write anything fancy for the web.  When writing content that is Internet Marketing related, keep it simple and make to proofread or have someone else proofread as well.

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Mass Email Marketing Software

March 25th, 2013 No comments

Mass Email Marketing Software such as Get Response is the world’s easiest email marketing.  I use it to create and send newsletters and manage my contact lists.  Get Response is currently offering a 30 day free trial to use as you wish and there is no credit card required.  Click here for a trial of Get Response for 30 days.

Below are the top 10 features of Get Response:

  1. Get Response has a drag and drop email creator.  There are over 350 pre designed templates which you can drag and drop to suit your own brand.  You can also send the newsletter at whatever time you want and exactly the same time locally.
  2. Get Response offers 16 options to import contacts and to grow your list.  You can import contacts from software on your PC, import from mail clients and you can import contacts from social networking services such as Google Plus.
  3. There are over 300 industry templates to suit your business.  This way you can make your subscribers feel special when they receive your newsletters by professionals and can be customized to match your product or service.  You can choose the colors that suit you best, include your brand logo, insert links and add images videos and files.
  4. Get Response has the all-new RSS-to-Email which means you can publish your blog posts in the most powerful online channels in one go.  You can automatically share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they are published to get more traffic to your blog or your product website.
  5. Get Response offers one click inbox preview – This is the ultimate tool for a pre-flight check to all your newsletters.  This Simple click inbox preview will show you the real time view of your message in all the main email clients.  This saves carrying out manual checks and ensures your newsletter renders correctly in all email inboxes.  This feature also works for mobile devices such as the Apple IPhone, IPad and Android too.
  6. Intuitive Email Intelligence which is the easiest, smartest and most advanced email analytics tool.  You can segment your lists based on your leads engagement in terms of opens and clicks to optimize the relevance of your campaigns.  You can resend emails with different subject lines to leads who did not open your email.
  7. Get Response offers Integrated Social Sharing which allow you to place social icons n your emails with one move, boost sharing and your fans engagement.
  8. 99.5% Deliverability rate – Get Response has one of the highest delivering rate of emails which means all your emails should get sent out.
  9. Mobile App – The mobile app for Get Response means you can access this mass email marketing software wherever you are and whenever you want.
  10. 1000+ free istockphoto images – This allows you to create lovely newsletters of exceptional quality and you can get images from the Get Response photo collection.

So Get Response has many features that can help you if you looking for mass email marketing software.  Get Response really is the word’s easiest email marketing.

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