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My Email Marketing Empire

May 20th, 2013 No comments

My Email Marketing Empire is an Internet Marketing Course by Matt Lloyd that teaches you everything you need to know about monetizing an email list.  There’s no better feeling than when you send an email out to your list, recommending a good product, sitting back and then watch as you start getting sales and then commissions.  It will take some time to build your list but once you do it will become very profitable.  Email Marketing is the closest thing there is to Income on Demand.  There are 8 modules which teach all you need to know about Email Marketing.

Module 1 shows you how to lay the foundations covering topics such as what is Email Marketing, Choosing a market – its very important to pick a profitable market, getting set up with your Auto Responder and your Squeeze Pages and building your list.

Module 2 covers finding offers to promote to your list.  This module will show you several places you can go to find products to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Module 3 is on how to make more money from each email you send.  This module will show you the four main metrics of Email Marketing.  You will also learn how to make some incremental changes and then double the results of your Email Marketing.

Module 4 is about writing emails that sell.  The main topics covered are Copy writing, the six triggers of influence, developing your own swipe file and the 7 elements of emails that sell.

Module 5 is on segmenting your list.  So this covers what segmentation is, different types of segmentation and looking at case studies of well known marketers.

Module 6 shows you how to have big paydays with promoting product launches.  This module covers what product launches are and the reason they work so well, how to boost sales by creating your own bonus, Matt Lloyd will cover a case study of him promoting Get Traffic 3.0 and some other tips on how to make more money with Email Marketing.

Module 7 is on having big paydays promoting webinars.  This covers why webinars and why they are so effective, reviewing the main webinar conference systems, setting up your first webinar and having a look at a case study on a webinar.

The last module is all about the holistic approach to Email Marketing.  This last module will also cover additional communication channels you can use in your own Email Marketing.

So there is a lot of high quality content that is covered in My Email Marketing Empire.  What you learn wont mean anything unless you start taking action by implementing what you will be shown in the course.

So go ahead and get started by purchasing My Email Marketing Empire and I look forward to your success and seeing your testimonial.

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