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Cuts Through The Noise And Rolls More Sales Your Way

August 10th, 2017 No comments

Are your customers bombarded by noise?  Is getting louder the best solution?  Try this instead, there’s a lot of noise online.  Noise than can prevent you from getting the daily sales and paydays to live nicely from.  How do you burn through the thicket of posts, tweets, shares and all the rest of the noise to get your message out there and seen?

Well, think about this, there’s a guy that is successful enough to travel by a private jet.  He’s just created his first major work in a long time recently.  He was looking to start promoting it and getting the word out.  Yet, he was a bit deluded.  He was looking to appear on a handful of influential podcasts.  After securing spots as he started to schedule in the interviews, he thought: “I’m busy, why can’t I just get them all on the line at once and record all of the interviews together.”

He was helped out to realise, these people aren’t here for whatever scraps he was willing to throw at them.  They’re busy too.  He may be important in his world but they are important in theirs.  He was helped to see that he needs to respect them just as he respects himself.

I hope this is making sense.  How do you cut through the clutter?  Getting more sales and fulfilment?  People are busy.  They have no idea why they should care about your thing.  They’re not likely eagerly awaiting your message to market.  As people that choose to be in this business as author Ryan Holiday says: “It’s our job to make people care.”  Whether we’re just starting out or are travelling the globe via jet, we deserve no entitlements, we are not blinded by grandeur illusions.  We replace that with hustle and humility.  We win our readers, our subscribers by caring about making people care about what we’ve got.  What helps make this work so well?  Having a great product, service and the ROI that gives you the time and means to care at this level.

This may help give you the extra time and income you’ll need.

Running a heart centred business where serving others comes to the forefront is one of the keys to enjoying this business and earning a fantastic income.  I hope today’s blog post and the resource helps you.