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Can’t Find The Time For $10k Months?

November 7th, 2017 No comments

Just use this free tool as it changes lives.  Famous Jazz musician Duke Ellington once said: “I don’t need more time.  What I need is a deadline.”  We could deduct that this was one of his secrets to being a prolific artist.  It’s a secret of many NYT Bestselling author’s right?  They’re given a deadline to produce their masterpiece.  We have deadlines on the J-O-B and at school because we can’t get more time, can we?  We all have the same 24/7/365 to use as we’d like or to let it or others use us.  So, it’s all about making good use of the time we already have.  In a way that gets us what we truly want in life.  To do the things that will make us happy.

So, something powerful happens when we use deadlines even multiple times a day.  It makes it realistic and it gets it done.  Some things we can make 500′ tall when they’re really just a small task to handle.  That’s how a deadline can help make it real.  For e.g. Maybe you’d like to start building a list to communicate with your audience and give them value by any means of email.  You’d love to be able to generate sales and build a business around that.  Would it be worth writing an email a day that could bring you over $10k a month?  Writing that first email could seem like a daunting task.  Ever been there:

  • What will I write?
  • What will they think?
  • Will I get sales or nasty replies back?

You could easily think yourself out of ever figuring it out and doing it.  Yet, if you set a timer to 45 minutes and give yourself that time frame to write and get something out there?  You’ll likely do it.  That’s the power of timers.  It can create urgency in your life to better attack your to dos and to get the life your truly deserve.  Can you see how this makes sense?  How can it free your time up?  That’s how you can get more done in one day that many can get done in months or will ever actually do.  It’s how you can follow a system and actually stick to it and start seeing great income in return.  A kitchen timer picked up at your local store works just fine or there’s plenty of free online timers you can  use too.  Set a realistic time to do your next task.  Start the timer.  Go.  Remember this million dollar tip: “Done is always better than perfect.”

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The simple timer will set the people apart that will do what it takes to do this business from those that will keep on dreaming about what it would be like to have the results so many others are getting right now.

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