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Avoid This Word Like The Plague And Try This Instead

December 6th, 2017 No comments

Starting with our feet planted in reality, there’s a stone cold killer of a word to avoid in your life like the plague if you want to reach all your goals and make dreams realities.  It strikes down millions as they try to improve their health, wealth, relationships and happiness.  That word?  Tomorrow.  The definition is: “Tomorrow – A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.”  Very true, isn’t it?  The thing is there’s always another tomorrow, isn’t there?  The cure is in the now.  Now is where everything happens.

Just as deadly is another word called, excuses.  In fact, they work in partnership together.  Hand in hand to ruin your life.  How about we split up these two lovebirds, yeah?  Read on.  Excuses come off as: “I’d to but I don’t have enough time.”  “I’d exercise but I have a bum leg.”  “I’d spend more time with my mate and kids but I work too much.”

Now, true as they may be of what real use to us are any excuses?  Nada, zero, zip, right?  Better to start off, honestly, frankly from wherever you’re at and then you can figure things out from where you really, truly are right now in your life.  Here’s the thing, nobody ever has had the perfect circumstances to do anything worthwhile.  They could have all had excuses that would’ve held them back but when you’re willing to start from where you’re at, in reality?  Then it’s more like: “I don’t have much time but how can I make the time to do this with my current schedule and lifestyle?”  “I want to get in better health, what can I do despite having a bad leg?”  “How can I work less or use my time wisely, so I make my spouse and kids a top priority in my life while I still can?”  Do you see the difference?  Same problems but instead of sticking to excuses, we acknowledge where we’re at and we find a way to still get what we want in spite of it all.  Seek and you shall find the answers to get whatever we want in life from wherever you’re currently at.

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Some will make excuses and find a way to not make this work for them.  Others will start from wherever they are at, all the good, bad and the ugly and they’ll find a way to make it happen.  Which choice will you make today?