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A Company That Puts Your Money Where Their Mouth Is

November 22nd, 2016 No comments

There’s plenty of stupid ways to spend money.  It could be Candy Crush, free trials that turn into monthly payments or you could even argue that paying for cable is a dumb way to waste your money but Dr. Christopher Dyer takes the cake.  He didn’t just spend money in a stupid way, he spent the tax payer’s money in a stupid way.  He is an executive director at the University of New Mexico and an avid believer in big foot.

Dyer believed in big foot so much that he held a conference that paid speaker’s fees of $1,000 and $500 and paid for their airfare and meals all on the University’s dime.  Even the “expedition” after the conference was funded by the university.  I know you’re probably wondering if they found anything after all their meetings and preparation.  Believe it or not, they didn’t find big foot.  It sounds dumb, right?

You wouldn’t believe how many times a day people get online and do the exact same thing.  They pay money to look for something with no proof that it exists like paying to join an affiliate group without any proof that their system works.  There are a million and a half groups out there that say they can make you money but are never able to put your money where their mouth is.

Lucky for you, MTTB is one of the few that actually does what it says.  MTTB affiliates earn sales commissions by placing prepared ads online.  If MTTB doesn’t earn you money, then you’ll get your money back but the MTTB affiliate system works so well that they’ll give you $450 on top of the $49 you give to join for your troubles.  Joining MTTB is like looking for big foot with a big foot whistle but this big foot is an online fortune.

All you have to do to find it is click here.