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What Would You Do?

May 26th, 2014 No comments

Imagine if you woke up and saw this on the news:

Breaking News: Dune to a hacker attack, accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all email will be unavailable for the next 7 days.  Now, apart from the shock you may get from this news, how much extra time do you think this will avail to you this week?  No email, forums, blogs, social sites, basically the interwebs for consumption and time wasting is broken.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many people (many millions) would find an extra 20-40+ hours on their plates this week.  Then lots of clarity and peace of mind they get from getting out of the cycle of overwhelm and information overload.  That thought alone, as to how much time you could be wasting online can be a big eye opener especially if you’re not getting the results you’re look for in life right now.

So, here’s my proposal.  Why not do this?  Make it an experiment to go on a Facebook and email consumption sabbatical for the next 7 days.  Then see how much you get accomplished and see how much better you feel about yourself.  At the end of this experiment, I’m not saying you should permanently leave all these things but it can help bring things back into balance.  You’ll find that if you give yourself a set time to check email, catch up on Facebook and read your favorite blogs that you’ll be able to do so in a small window of just 30-45 minutes each day.  That’s a game changer as time is one of your greatest assets.  One you can never get back after each day and hour is gone.  Do you really want to waste this part of your life away hitting the like button and all that other mindless waste?

Here’s an important point before you begin this experiment:  if you free up all this time, possibly 20-40 hours over the next week, if you don’t have something to fill it with, then you’ll likely waste it elsewhere watching TV or you won’t be able to complete the challenge.  So, it’s important to chunk down what it is that you want to accomplish over the next 7 days:

  • What have you not been implementing?
  • What would you like to get done?
  • What marketing focused activities can you focus on?

It could be to create a lead magnet, a bonus offer, write some emails or a sales letter, buy some traffic to send to an offer, whatever it is, get a clear daily plan and stick to it like your life depends on it.  You may be able to find time now for a 20 minute walk or a workout each day.  If you’re already a member of MTTB, you should know what you need to do over the next 7 days so you can make commissions.  You should be all set there.

If you’re still lost and want to know what you need to focus on during these 7 days and beyond to start getting $1k, $3k and $5k commissions like we do then:

Feel free to watch this presentation and use it during your experiment.

Don’t over think things here.  Trust me, you’ll miss nothing important during the next 7 days.  If you must and I know some do need to check email for work reasons then limit it to a short 30-45 minute window each day, ideally mid-afternoon or later in the day.

Best of success to ya, stay focused and let me know how it all goes.

Freedom Business That Can Make You Up To $10,000 Or More Per Month

May 7th, 2014 No comments

Would you like a freedom business that can generate you up to $10,000 or more per month while working from home on your terms and on your schedule?  If so, then join Matt Lloyd at The IM Freedom Workshop which is a free 2 hour live event.

At the event Matt Lloyd will:

  • Reveal his revolutionary system that has paid out more than $5.2 million in commissions to people in over 38 countries in just the last year alone.
  • How you can have financial freedom with his system even if you have no computer skills and even if you haven’t made a single dollar online.
  • Explain how you can make big commissions of $1k, $3k and $5k commissions just for bringing him leads, everything else is taken care of for you.
  • Give you his system for free if you show up.

If you miss this you may never have another chance.  If you want to attend the IM Freedom Workshop for free and get Matt Lloyd’s revolutionary system for free which is normally charged at $49 then:

Click here to get a free ticket

The Quickest Path To Success

April 23rd, 2014 No comments

There’s a company in the Quaint town of Norwich Vermont that makes what they call the Rolls Royce of Jigsaw puzzles.  Haha.  In this company, Steve Puzzles is one of the few left that still makes them out of actual wood.  Instead of making it out of cardboard.  There are plenty of customers including: Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates and Barbara Bush.  They are also repeat customers and they have plenty more.  As expected, the higher quality comes at a higher price and some of the puzzles on the site not even including the custom stuff are selling for $1,500 bones.

You may be wondering why the heck am I telling you this interesting story about puzzles.  It’s because the process of building a puzzle is very similar to getting started in this online business.  Have you ever tried to put a Jigsaw Puzzle without a picture to go off of?  It’s almost impossible.  You could get it completed eventually but how much harder will it be and how much longer will it take?

It’s similar in this online business.  If you can get the picture, the blueprint and the exact layout of how to build a profitable online business then all you have to do is open the box and put all the pieces together.  If you’re like me with building puzzles, you will start with the edges as they are easier to find and then you would work your way to the harder stuff.

If you follow the right plan online, there are ninja shortcuts to follow like this.  This is how The MTTB business model is laid out.  You get a step by step system and a personal coach to give you a clear picture and show you the path of exactly how to build a profitable online business model.  This is how you get one of the most powerful shortcuts in this industry.  You get the ability to earn $1k, $3k and $5k commissions without having to do the selling.  Your friends and cohorts will be puzzled (excuse the pun) at how you are making so much money and so quickly.  The answer is high ticket commissions.  It’s your quickest path to freedom and success that I’ve come across online.

Click here to check ‘er out.

Fail-Proof Way To Get Results Online

April 11th, 2014 No comments

I was just checking some sites that show the up coming product launches for Joint Ventures and to decide whether I would promote for them or not.  After a quick look, I saw hundreds of product launches that will be coming to an inbox near you during the next couple of months.  These product launches never stop.  There’s another thing that keeps flowing into our minds every day: more emails promoting the next shiny object which you can clearly see only benefits the marketer and not you.  The other things that keep coming in are:

  • Facebook posts and updates
  • Tweets
  • Blog Posts
  • New Books
  • New pod casts

It’s like a game of Tetris.  All this stuff keeps coming down, non-stop and you’re stuck scrambling, trying to fit all the pieces into your day as they keep coming in.  If you doing this yourself, you could reach the end of your days not really getting anything done that you set out to do.  The noise, the distractions, the game of Online Tetris destroyed all of that for you and your chances of success.

So what is the cure?  Stop playing the game.  I mean it, seriously.  I want you to clear your slate, don’t get distracted by all that noise as you won’t profit online going down that route.  You will feel better and have a lot more clarity when you decide that enough is enough.  I will give you some more help with this.  Treat it like a game.  You know you can’t play Tetris, Angry Birds, Call of Duty or whatever all day long or you will end up homeless or unhappy.  You should only enjoy it during a certain time.  This could be an hour before going to bed or on your lunch break.  Anyway, I would like you to treat your email and other distractions like this.  Do not start you day checking Emails, checking Facebook or reading Blog Posts.  Make sure you don’t do this during the day as well as this will put you back in The Tetris cycle.  You can set a specific time in the afternoon or evening  to do this.  What you find is that you will get massive clarity and you could save 6 hours off of your day by checking all of that stuff in one go all at the same time whenever you choose.  It is crazy how powerful this really is.  It’s a real game changer.  The main idea here is to chunk all of these activities together and then go through them at a specific time each day.

The next you should be focusing on is what to do with all this extra time and clarity on your hands each day.  You should use this time to build a real business that works very well.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start getting some serious results online.  The MTTB System is without a doubt the best way to accomplish this.  You will get a proven system, a coach, a full team to help you and the opportunity to earn high ticket commissions.  You don’t earn the typical $19-$97 commissions that most partners offer their peeps.  With MTTB, you get a share of the big stuff to the tune of $1k, $3k and $5k commissions.

Read this blog post again if you need to, let it sink in and let’s get you profitable and productive so you can start achieving your goals and dreams.  It’s very important that you just don’t implement this strategy of clearing your slate and freeing up your time each day because if you don’t have something to fill up that free time with, if you don’t know what to do every day step by step then you will go back to the old way of things again.  I don’t want this for you.  This is where MTTB comes in.  I hope this helps.

Click here to check it out.

Do You Actually Finish What You Begin?

January 17th, 2014 No comments

There is a saying from Mark Cuban – “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is”.  Mark Cuban should know as he’s a billionaire with a big fat bank account.  So how do you find out if you have true grit?  I am not talking about the John Wayne movie.  True Grit is having an underlying passion and perseverance to achieve your goals.  This is sweat equity and is one of the main predictors of success.  True grit beats talent every single time.

So do you have true grit?  I will help you find out right now.  Rate yourself on the following true grit test:

  1. Do you usually finish what ever you start?
  2. Do you give up when the going gets tough
  3. Are you interested in starting new pursuits every few weeks or days?
  4. Do you have a problem starting your tasks for your goals?
  5. Are you willing to overcome obstacles and fears to achieve your goals?

Your actions tell you a lot but it may not be what you want to believe.  These are just some of the main questions to ask yourself if you have true grit.  If you don’t like the answers to these questions yet, don’t worry you can change.  You can learn to get grit.  This isn’t something you are born with but the 2 main things that can help you is to be optimistic and realistic.  Then it’s a case of starting.  There are many ways to start as you can read hundreds of pages on the topic or you can just start right now.  Seriously just start right now.  Life doesn’t slow down just for some one to get their butt in gear.  So whatever you have been putting off, start doing it.  You will not regret it but you feel amazing once you finally start and get results.

If you have been putting of joining MTTB, whats the problem?

  • MTTB has more testimonials than you can shake a stick at
  • It’s the only system where the coaches are big earners and they are affiliates themselves
  • It’s guaranteed to make you $1,00 within 30 days of completing the steps or you get $500 back for trying out the system.  If somehow it doesn’t work for you you can get your measly few bucks for the application fee back so you have nothing to lose.
  • It’s the only system I have ever seen where the phone sales team follows up with your leads and every time they do, you make $1k, $3k and $5k commissions.

Are you ready to start making money online?

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