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Should You Choose Growth Or Should You Choose High Pay?

Millennials are trapped.  What I mean is that as Millennials graduate college, they’re faced with a decision: Option 1 is to choose a high paying job where you don’t learn anything or the second option is to choose a low paying job where you learn a lot.

Increasingly, those are becoming the two options for Millennials graduating college.  Either land a job with relatively good pay but shuffling for 5 years in a Fortune 500 company or else do an apprenticeship where you don’t get paid much but where you learn valuable skills.

Whether you are or aren’t a Millennial, maybe you can relate to the dilemma: Do I choose high pay or high growth?  Often the best paying jobs are the least stimulating, the most soul sucking and often the most stimulating jobs are the worst paying.  Often pay and growth are separated by a giant valley and you have to choose one or the other but not both.  It’s especially for Millennials coming right out of college but also often true for everyone else.

Here’s another option: Try MTTB.  Apply yourself, go through the 21 steps and come out of the other end earning big commissions and learning valuable skills.  There’s no expertise required.  You learn the expertise through the 21 steps and through the guidance of a personal coach.  You get the pay when you start making big commissions off of big ticket products.

So. of you’ve ever been bothered by the gap between pay and growth, you could keep being bothered by it or you can bridge the gap and choose both.

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