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Results of Man vs Woman

It’s time for battle between the brawny and the scrawny.  There’s a big marketing lesson behind it.  Picture a Russian bodybuilder with big muscles who eats more in 1 day than an elephant eats in an entire week.  In your mind, imagine a small girl weighing 128lb soaking wet.  Looks like she lives off of organic salads and celery stalks.  If we put both of these 2 in a competition to see who could eat a 72 oz. steak the quickest, who do you think will win.  The bodybuilder would get the vote right?  He would get my vote.  This competition actually did happen and the results may surprise you.  The bodybuilder ate the steak in 6:48 seconds which is a Guinness World Record.  The woman tried it as well and she effortlessly ate the steak like a ravenous beast in 2:45 seconds.  She did it in less than half the time compared to the bodybuilder.

So what does this tell us?  Well, looks can be deceiving and this also applies a lot online.  Those who look like a success can be a failure and those who look like their business isn’t doing well could be 6 or 7 figure earners.  You got to look beneath the surface and do some research.  Next is the best bit, how the woman won.  I don’t know if she was interviewed or not but you can tell that she had a very detailed system which was designed to make her win.  She practiced a lot for this.  She simply implemented the system.  She knew that she would win before she even went in for the competition.  This is the same thing you want when you are looking for starting a business online.

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