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Remember All Those People Who Said They’d Move To Canada?

Remember when everyone said they’d flee the country if Donald Trump was elected president?  This was including Laura?  Digital analytics firm, Luminoso, reported about 180,000 such tweets in 2016.

My 2 predictions were:

  1. Less than 10% of the people who say they will, actually will
  2. Those who don’t experience the freedom they were looking

So what happened with Laura?  Last year, Canada reported 9,000 immigrants from the US including those fleeing Trump.  That means less than 5% of them did what they said they did.  Turns out Laura made the move.  Just a few months later, she found herself bumping into the same frustrations.

Here’s my 2 takeaways from this story:

  1. Most people who say they’ll take action, don’t.  They’re satisfied with the emotional “high” of thinking they will.
  2. Drastic change doesn’t always work.  It has to be the right change.

This is why we’re calling you to take action right now.  Don’t move to Canada.  Change the shape of your work instead:

  • No bureaucratic red tape
  • No incompetent supervisors
  • No earning ceiling
  • No administrative soul suckish tasks

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