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Punching The Clock Vs. Money While You Sleep

All savvy marketers know that you have to have a “back end.”  If you don’t have a back end then customers just go in one end of your sales funnel and back out the other end.  Every time you need more sales, you have to get more customers.  It’s a very expensive way to do business.  With a great back end, suddenly things can become a lot more profitable.

So, what is a back end?  A back end is a system for selling higher priced products to customers after they buy a low priced product.  Marketers with a great back end are willing and able to pay a lot more to get customers because they know they are worth a lot more over their lifetime.  Let’s say, you sell a $49 product with no back end like most internet marketers, how much would you be willing to pay to get a customer?  It depends on your margins but probably not much more than $30.  What if you had in addition to your $49 product, a back end that offered and consistently sold high priced products costing $500, $2000 or even $30,000.  How much would you pay for that customer?

Matt Lloyd’s system MTTB, offers that kind of back end.  A backend that consistently sells big ticket items for you.  All you need to do is drive traffic to his system.

You don’t need to do any more than that because:

  • They have the high-ticket, high-quality products
  • They have the converting sales funnel
  • They have the phone sales team
  • They do the customer service, web development and shipping
  • They have the experience
  • Their system does most of the work

It’s the back end you need to succeed.

You can get started for $49 right here.

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