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Pop Up Ads Are Trashing Your Income Right Now

During the summer there were reports that IPhone sales were dropping so the new IPhone 7 needed to be something special that would recharge IPhone sales.  What did Apple come up with then?  They improved their storage and battery life, made the phone waterproof, upgraded the camera and gave it a new look.

However, none of that matters to most people because Apple made one change that’s grabbing all the attention.  The IPhone 7 doesn’t have an audio jack.  Instead Apple is selling wireless headphones and adapters that allow regular ear buds to work through the charging port.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal but people are up in arms over this change and are forgetting about all the good things that Apple did.

So, what does this have to do with you and online marketing?  It only takes one wrong step to ruin your reputation.  The IPhone 7 really is an improved phone and Apple is making the headphone jack change as painless as possible but most people see the IPhone 7 as an Unnecessarily complicated product.

When you’re advertising online it doesn’t matter how professional your ads look, your potential customers are already sceptical of your ads because of how many online ads there are.  We’ve all been annoyed by pop up or scrolling ads.  Your ads are guilty by association just like how all the improvements on the IPhone 7 are overlooked because of one unpopular feature.

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