Ad Agencies Vs Big Ticket Affiliate Marketing

December 4th, 2017 No comments

The income can be great, what about the workload and the work induced headaches that goes along with it?  There’s a bit of popularity right now for folks to start up their own Ad Agencies.  It’s a noble cause because you are helping businesses get new leads and customers.  It’s enticing because you can charge clients up to $1k to $2k or more each month for your services.  The drawback is, it’s a service biz.

First, you have to land new clients and there is a lot of competition out there.  After talking on the phones and signing contracts, you then have to deliver results month after month.  This means either you have to run all their ads, their SEO or the content marketing etc.  You may have to hire and manage a team to do it all for you.  You have to deal with account shutdowns, disapproved ads and all that fun jazz.  It’s a great opportunity for residual income but there’s a lot involved in it.  Many do it and they find themselves stuck in another j-o-b where are the chief cook and bottle washer.

So, what’s a good solution or a better path to go?  High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.  You can still earn nice profits anywhere from up to $1k to $10k plus per sale but without all the overhead and deliverables being on your plate.  You’re still able to impact people, families and the world for the better.  Nice right?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

It just depends in you on which path you’d like to take.  Always weigh the risk/rewards and the time/energy it takes.  The choice is always yours.  Right now, you’re getting a coach to help you get going if there are still openings.  I can’t say how long this will be open.  They may end up getting booked for a while.  Just a heads up.

The Two Letter Word To More Wealth And Time

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Once you get used to this, it may even become fun.  Learning how to master a two letter word can make all the difference in the world  The two letter word: No.  Getting better at both saying no and getting more comfortable at hearing the word no can result in breakthrough after breakthrough.  Your income can skyrocket.  You’ll free up hours each day.

Yet, saying no can be hard can’t it?  We feel like we may be letting someone down or it may feel like we’re rejecting them or will be judged ourselves.  There’s also FOMO.  The fear of missing out.  We just don’t want to turn down a good opportunity.  I get it but if we can let go of all that and just say “No” when we need to?  Then we’re able to get results and focus on what really, truly matters to us.  This may help.  Imagine you’re going to the airport.  You’ve booked and paid for a vacation to Hawaii.  The planes takes off in one hour.  Your friend calls and wants to have lunch.  “You down for tacos, buddy?”  Would you have a problem saying no.  Likely, not right?  Why?

It’s because you have a clear purpose and destination.  You’ve got an agenda.  Set plans.  There’s somewhere you’re going.  So, here’s the thing.  Shouldn’t all our days be like this?  We don’t want to be like a ship at sail with out a destination at the whim of every wave and change of winds.  With a finite purpose in your days, just like headed to the airport, it can be much, much easier to say no.  I hope this helps.

As I mentioned being a bit better at saying no can free up hours and hours of your time.  So, if building a nice income on the side has been a big goal of yours but time has been an issue.  This should help you free up the 30 to 60 minutes or so a day that’s required to build up a nice side income.

Try the step by step system I use.

If you can find about 30 minutes a day and can follow the plan, it can result in up to $10k commissions.  You won’t get to $10k overnight but we’ll start with a plan to get your first commission up to $1k.  Then you’ll be off to the races.  Deal?  Don’t forget to check out the generous guarantee before you get started today.

The Cascade Effect To More Income And Happiness

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Small things that yield you big results.  One small action can set off a cascade of many other great things to happen to you during the rest of your day but it’s not always easy to see this.  For e.g. Exercising isn’t always easy to get up and do.  It takes time and effort, right?  It may even feel like we’re making a sacrifice when we head off to the gym or go out and run especially if we’ve been able to stick to a routine in the past and we’re always back to square one or worse.

However, getting up at the crack of dawn, strapping on your shoes and going for a walk or run even for just 15 to 30 minutes or a gym work out?  It sets off a cascade effect for the rest of your day.  You can work out your inner demons as you’re running and doing exercises.  You feel more energy and confidence.  You end up eating better.  You feel more self control.  Before you know it, you’re looking better, making better decisions, you are happier and you’re quitting bad habits.  People notice that you’re glowing now.  It started with one, small, tiny but hard to start action.  Sure, you may or may not feel this way on day one but a few days or weeks in, the effect will happen.

Do you see how this works?  The same thing can happen in other areas of your life too by using this system.

Then leveraging it for just 30 minutes a day, you can start for just 30 or so minutes a day, you can start to see amazing results.  You can get commissions up to $10k which can allow you to work less or even retire yourself from your j-o-b.  No more alarm clocks or bumper to bumper commutes during rush hour.  You may end up travelling more and doing more with family and friends.  You could volunteer to worthy causes that lights your heart up.

All from one small, tiny action.

The little things add up.  As Johann Lavatar says: “Act well at the moment and you have performed a good action for all eternity.”  Focus on the moments.  The small daily actions.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

How To Compress Your Goals From 12 To 3 Months

December 1st, 2017 No comments

If you could choose to earn an extra $100k in 3 months rather than 12, would you?  There’s an amazing concept called Time Collapsing.  It breaks the norms and can challenge you to question what’s truly possible.  Often, by asking bigger and better questions, we can see the clearly quicker and easier path to reach your goals.  For e.g. A goal like making 6 figures extra over the next 12 months.  Time Collapsing Q: How can I reach that goal in three months?  That question opens up an entire new world that can make it happen for you.  Selling $7 eBooks?  Yeah, that may take you a year or three to reach that goal.  That’s about 14,286 sales.  Even with automation and the leverage of paid ads to reach your market, that’s a lot of work to do.

So, how do you do it in 3 months?  What if you increased your profit potential?  What if you could earn up to $10k per sale and you knew there are plenty of people looking for what you are selling?  Wallets out.  Ready to buy.  That’s just ten sales.  10.  That’s barely averaging over 3 sales per month to reach your goal.  Doable?  Yes.

Especially with the right plan and “DFY” system in your hands.

By asking higher quality questions, we can collapse time and reach the incomes and lifestyles we desire and deserve in record time.  Have a great one.

Organic Path To Earn More And Stress Less

November 30th, 2017 No comments

It’s not about doing more.  What causes overwhelm and procrastination?  What steals away our lifestyles and costs us larger incomes?  Often, this is caused by having too much on our already full plates.  Then having a new and endless buffet of additional things begging for our attention and time each and every day.  For e.g. FB feeds, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Work and Life events.  This causes us to lose access to the few things we do need: Clarity + Focus +? = Results.  Get clarity.  It brings things back down to simple and manageable for you.

The stress melts away and the results can come flooding in more organically.  A tip to get more clarity and focus?  The ? above.  The solution may surprise you.  It’s action.  When it comes to clarity and focus to get what we want, reading for information is like drinking salt water.  It just makes you more thirsty.  Action is the key.  The simpler the actions you need to take, the easier and better it is.

That’s why I use this.

When it comes to more time, income and freedom, I personally don’t know of a better path to take than this.  Have a great day.