Open This Up If You’re Making Under $10k Months

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If you want to earn more but can’t seem to break through the income barrier, would you like to be seeing up to $1,250, $3,300 or $5,500 checks being deposited into your bank account consistently and dependably and true as a swiss watch?  How would it feel to get 2, 3, 4, 5+ “Cha-ching! You’ve got a sale!” notifications month after month:

  • Would you quit your J.O.B?
  • Pay off all your debts and bills?
  • Travel to your bucket list vacations?
  • Spend more time with your loved ones?
  • Put a down payment on your dream home?

It may be happening for you with a plan and this to earn $10,000 a month.  You need to put out at least $10,000 a month in value to others.  It’s really as simple as that.  That’s how you get rewarded.  Look at your current income goals and ask did I put out that much in value this last month?  Did I put out $10,000 worth of irresistible offers to others who want it?  Zero in on this?  Then you will be off to the races.

This is why most are so limited because they can only put out $7, $47, $97 value to others in the form of Ebooks alone.  If you’d like to get up to $10,000 months and up and you’re open to it, I’d love for you to check this out asap.

Yes, show me how to get up to $10,000 months and get my first sale “Notification” asap. 

You may be quickly hitting your income goals because of the way this has been built from the ground up for you.  Plus, check out the generous guarantee.  It’s another reason for you to go for it now.

Cuts Through The Noise And Rolls More Sales Your Way

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Are your customers bombarded by noise?  Is getting louder the best solution?  Try this instead, there’s a lot of noise online.  Noise than can prevent you from getting the daily sales and paydays to live nicely from.  How do you burn through the thicket of posts, tweets, shares and all the rest of the noise to get your message out there and seen?

Well, think about this, there’s a guy that is successful enough to travel by a private jet.  He’s just created his first major work in a long time recently.  He was looking to start promoting it and getting the word out.  Yet, he was a bit deluded.  He was looking to appear on a handful of influential podcasts.  After securing spots as he started to schedule in the interviews, he thought: “I’m busy, why can’t I just get them all on the line at once and record all of the interviews together.”

He was helped out to realise, these people aren’t here for whatever scraps he was willing to throw at them.  They’re busy too.  He may be important in his world but they are important in theirs.  He was helped to see that he needs to respect them just as he respects himself.

I hope this is making sense.  How do you cut through the clutter?  Getting more sales and fulfilment?  People are busy.  They have no idea why they should care about your thing.  They’re not likely eagerly awaiting your message to market.  As people that choose to be in this business as author Ryan Holiday says: “It’s our job to make people care.”  Whether we’re just starting out or are travelling the globe via jet, we deserve no entitlements, we are not blinded by grandeur illusions.  We replace that with hustle and humility.  We win our readers, our subscribers by caring about making people care about what we’ve got.  What helps make this work so well?  Having a great product, service and the ROI that gives you the time and means to care at this level.

This may help give you the extra time and income you’ll need.

Running a heart centred business where serving others comes to the forefront is one of the keys to enjoying this business and earning a fantastic income.  I hope today’s blog post and the resource helps you.

Overwhelmed By Opportunity

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What’s going to be the only thing that you will be able to do?  Try this.  Used to, you could only get your coffee black.  Cowboys drank it so black they say you could stand a spoon up in it.  Nowadays, you’re bombarded with fifty eleven different options to choose from.  Shuffle into a Starbucks and there’s mocha, decaf, frap, capp, almond, coconut milk, soy, lattes, iced hot or steamed.  You can get confused in there just trying to get a simple cup of coffee, right?

Today, we’re not feigning for options.  We’re overwhelmed with too many good choices.  What helps to decide where to start?  It’s realising they may all be good choices you’re looking at.  It’s not a matter of, this will and that won’t.  It’s important to realise you probably won’t want to stick with just one thing as you’re growing your side income.  Most authors have more than one book in them.  Most musicians have more than one song or album in them.  Most actors start in more than just one flick.  You’re likely the same.  Right?

What I’d take a deeper look at is in choosing the best platform for you to start and build from.  That platform will be the stage you will perform all your other profitable performances off of.  Now, I’ve found nothing better than by having a platform that generates High Ticket commissions and sales for you.  Hard to do other things and experience freedom when you’re only getting $27 – $47 commission checks cut out to you.

However, when you’re getting commissions like $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 regularly being added to your bank account, this is a platform you can build from.  I hope this makes sense.  I want the Dot Com Lifestyle, the freedom a business set up like this brings you.  You too?  Below is the platform I’m using.

Yes, show mw the Dot Com Lifestyle and how I can make this platform.

How To Make More And Stress Less?

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Ignore this tip at your own peril.  Are you using plans or rules to bring you more time, income and freedom?  Imagine a nice woman who is at a party and the host offers her wine.  She’s decided ahead of time that she doesn’t want to consume any alcohol.  Yet, they persist.  We’ve bought your favourite wine, they say.  They keep testing, pressuring and putting her on guilt trips.  Till either she’s miserable or caves in and has a cup or three.  Yet, she had planned not to drink, right?  Now imagine, this same woman was 3 months pregnant.  She has a cut and dry rule that she will in no circumstances consume any alcohol.  End of story.

See the difference in setting plans and having firm rules in your life?  Now, imagine you’re working on growing your side business up to $10k months.  You know this effort will eventually set you free from the shackles most are tied down to for life.  However, a friend does not have the same plans to escape as you do and he wants you to go out and have some fun times with him.  It could be dinner, a movie or whatever.

What will you do?  Now, imagine in this same scenario, he wants you to go out with him yet you had already booked a plane ticket to a vacation spot and you were on your way to the airport.  Would you have a problem saying no in this scenario?  Likely no because you have a destination and a clear purpose to what they’re doing.  Interesting right?  With a set of rules you’ll live by and a clear destination of where you want to go.  Coupled with a step by step roadmap to help guide you along the way.  The world is your oyster and your grand plans are just a matter of staying the course.  Cool?

Here’s the plan I use.

Want to join me?  Have to run.  There’s 2 great rules I recommend for you to set up right away is:

  1. Set a time to work your business
  2. Set a time you’ll look at distraction activities like checking email, social media etc.  You got this.

Woman In Her 80s Making Sales Online

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Older in age, yet the Internet, computers and complicated businesses didn’t hold her back, one bit.  As you watch the start of the video, you’ll see that many amazing men and women in their 60s, 70s and even 80s and beyond are making very generous commissions with this.  Many are making a nice supplemental income and others are making enough where they’re not relying on anyone to fund their retirement years or tell them where they can live out their life.  Yet, they are not computer savvy or expert marketers by any means.

In fact, they hate tech.  Some of them chuckle as they relate how their 5 year old grandchild has to teach them how to use their iPad.  What they’ve realised is they don’t need age on their side.  With this done right, it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88.  They don’t need to know HTML and learn complicated software’s and systems.

So, what have they discovered that actually works?  It’s having the proper “Leverage Points” where they need them, so they can be profitable and avoid overwhelm and frustration:

  • A car is a leverage point over walking to the store
  • A hearing aid is a leverage point to listening for anyone hard of hearing
  • A stove is a leverage point to cooking w/o having to grab logs and matches and strike up a fire every time you want a hot meal

Making sense, right?  Just need to use the right leverage points to get exactly what you want.  Building a hearing aid, I’d have no clue, that’s not leverage but just using one already made, no problem, right there, right?  What follows is the Ultimate Leverage Point in my experience and many others for gaining more income, time and freedom at any age.  It skips the tech drams and internet overwhelm for good.  Just watch the video ASAP and it’ll show you how it all works and why you can put your complete trust in this system right now.

Yes, I’m ready to check this out right now.

You’ll still need to follow the steps but they’re not that hard to follow because you’ll be using leverage.  Cool, huh?