Stop Pushing Pencils And Start Living

May 22nd, 2017 No comments

Are you putting in forty long hours a week just to meet bills?  Not productive hours but hours of work that at the end of the week earn you enough just to get by.  You see humans are working too hard and earning less in our society instead of working to live, we live to work.  We run around thinking: “There has to be another way.”  The average person spends a little over ninety thousand hours working over the course of a lifetime.  These are hours that could be spent with family, travelling, cooking, reading, doing anything other than punching in and out of a time clock.

Does this sound familiar?  Does it take a powerhouse to pull you out of bed in the morning because you simply do not want to go in today?  Surprisingly, this is all too well known of many people today.  After school, they get a job working at the same company for 20+ years pushing pencils and wishing they were outside or at home or anywhere other than that boring place where they do that boring thing day after day to sustain a life that they truly aren’t living.

Here’s your opportunity to take a smart move toward a more exciting personal and financial future.  The key to freedom is right at your fingertips if you take advantage of the MTTB system.  This proven money making system allows it’s affiliates to make thousands of dollars each week.  Sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.  All of it can be earned through the comfort of your own home even if you decide that for a week that your home is going to be in a cabin on a lake or sunning on the beach.  Money is a necessity in life but working hard is not.

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Green Living With More Green In Your Wallet

May 21st, 2017 No comments

Green living is all the rage these days and we understand why.  Healthy food leads to a healthy life.  Who doesn’t want a healthy body and a healthy life?  News sources and health experts tell us that organic produce and meats that are hormone free is the only way to ensure your family is being health conscious when it comes to meals.  Still, while they preach to us, it’s pretty obvious that good food home to your family costs a great deal of money.

It is cheaper to purchase a fast food meal than a healthy bag of groceries in our society.  This is a fact.  So, it isn’t easy for the average person to have enough in their food budget to buy the best foods because they are paying for rent or mortgage, school supplies, clothing and all the other basic necessities that ensure a healthy life.

What good is a healthy body going to do you if you are living in the streets?  What if you didn’t have to choose mortgage payments over healthy options for your family?  What if you had all the money you needed to pay your bills and buy the best produce and meats available on the market today?
Well, you can.  Simply click on the link below and learn how people just like you started earning thousands of dollars every week sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.  Feed some needed green into your wallet to get some of those healthy organic veggies onto your dinner table.

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Their Baby Was A Surprise

May 20th, 2017 No comments

Tom didn’t make it home for Easter which is too bad because his mom would have really loved to have seen him and so would his extended family.  Benny and Kayla had just given birth to their first (surprise) daughter and they wanted her to meet her ”Honorary uncle’, Tom, who had been such a support during a crazy time.  Two days before making the 11 hour drive home, the transmission had blown out on Tom’s Volvo.

He and his parents checked flights. weekend flights with no notice, they couldn’t find anything under $350.  So, no one was upset and no one blamed anyone but still, Mom just became an “Empty-nester.”  Benny really wanted Uncle Tom to be one of the first to hold his daughter.  Of course, this isn’t the end of the world.  It’s not that dramatic but there are thousands of stories, everyone has them about sweet times just barely fell through for seemingly absurd reasons.

What are some of yours?  Money doesn’t buy a life of happiness but it does make some special moments possible.  How much work would you put in to make sure you had $3,000 commissions on the side of each month?

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3 Ways MTTB Will Devastate Your Resume

May 19th, 2017 No comments

Working with MTTB might sabotage your employability by encouraging you to develop unhealthy working habits.  As much as we love MTTB, we must admit that many of our people fail to learn these highly employable habits:

  • Learning how to repay student loans whether it’s yours or your children’s.  For whatever reason, most of our business owners never end up taking out student loans.
  • Becoming a proficient driving schedule coordinator.  Some families know exactly who needs to be dropped off where, when, by whom and how quickly they need to get the car back home for Greg to drive himself to bowling club.
  • Developing a creativity in the kitchen.  Saying: “Yes” to MTTB has made some of our people lazy, they’ll throw away yesterday’s soup instead of turning it into tomorrow’s pasta sauce.

“Thin times” are great for developing the strategic and administrative skills that look great on a resume but our folks don’t seem to need resumes anymore.  If this terrifies you as much as it should…Do Not…

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This Makes Me Stick My Fingers In My Ears And Scream

May 18th, 2017 No comments

Here’s my number one musical pet peeve: You know the right way to listen to music is to sit down and listen consecutively through a whole album?  It’s the best way to hear what the artist really has to say.

So, my pet peeve is this: When I sit down to listen through an album, it turns out that the artist has just patched together some mismatched tracks and pretended they have something to do with one another.  They had my ear but they wasted my time.

I feel the same way when I see disintegrated marketing platforms.  Voices in conflict, asymmetrical vocabulary, tone and coloration differences.  In all, just a failure to say one thing well.  We’re critics in our spare time but our main work is to integrate a marketing and sales platform around one simple principle which is to make money.  Let’s build your platform together.  It’s difficult work but you’re hard worker and we’re brilliant teachers.

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