Are You Living Life On Your Terms Or Comparing Yourself To Others?

July 20th, 2017 No comments

Seeing all their big income pics?  Incredible lifestyles?  Their smiling faces 24/7/365?  When you’re researching a new opportunity or are looking at the ads displayed across the Internet.  Usually, you’re met only with people’s gurus and experts successes.  The good life they are living.  The big commission checks they are bringing in.  The sports cars.  The nice homes and the beach vacations. The smiling faces of all those around them.  All that’s great and all.  Can help to motivate you and see what’s possible.

However, I think it may be important to also see that we don’t know much of anything of what’s going on beneath the surface.  May not know if this person is on their 4th marriage because they’re a workaholic?  Could be up their ears in debt?  Or they could be happy happy rich free and doing what they love.

The point is, it doesn’t help us much to judge positive or negative because what they earn and how they live is out of our control.  Is this making sense?  I’m reminded of Seneca’s words: “Slavery often resides beneath marble and gold.”  What we see on the surface can distract us from hitting our goals.  That’s the purpose of today’s blog post.  It gives us power.

We can now focus on Us, you and I.  We know our terms, our wants and the life we want to be living.  That’s all that should matter, right?  I hope this helps.

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Need Support To Get To $10K Paydays?

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Took him from up to $800 months struggling to 7 figure  month after month.  Can I tell you an interesting story that can send a lot of dollars and extra free time to you over the next 30 days or so?  In a land, far, far way, a young man pushed a lawnmower.  Back and forth across the lawn he went clipping down the weeds and green grass.  Holding them at bay for another seven days in the scorching Australian summer sun before he’d have to do it all over again.  Saving some of these lawn clipping profits.  He got involved in online businesses but he realised it wasn’t so easy as many people preached to him.  He also knew he didn’t want to mow yards for the rest of his life.

Creating and selling your own products can take a lot of time especially if you have a full schedule from a job or family.  So, he spent 100s and 100s of hours creating and testing products and marketing.  When did things change for him financially?  He had started at that point with a tiny little e-book.  It was packed full of value.  Yet, the difference was he’d followed up VIA phone with the buyers, helping them out and licensing out his products so these folks could profit from all the hard work he had done.

They’d make most of the profits and he’d make a small cut on the backend and put most of that back into the business to support his partners and the company’s growth.  He went from making around $800 a month to over $300K a month.  Then it turned into over a million a month.  It’s only been growing, growing, growing ever since all by solving a major problem that was preventing many from having the success online they could be seeing in their lives.

Nearly the only difference today?  Matt doesn’t make all the calls himself.  He’s got a top notch team pf pros and super savers ready and willing to help and aid others in this business helping you as a dedicated partner in profits if you’re down for that.  You as a partner will be following the step by step system to generating quality leads and the system follows up for you and handles the rest of the workload.

Sound cool?  This can lead in landing you consistent sales up to $3k, $5k, $10K and beyond.  It happens every single day.  When do you want to see sales like this coming your way?  There’s no reason to do it alone.  This is a proven way to bring in big paydays.  We’re just getting started with this incredible opportunity.

Yes, I’m in.

If Your Traffic Isn’t Turning Into Daily Sales

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You know you need traffic but low quality leads aren’t putting food on the table.  High quality traffic is the lifeblood of a successful online business.  Without it, it’s like having a Bugatti parked in your garage.  Yet, no fuel to take it for a ride.  The key online is making sure you’re getting the right fuel for the right ride.

Here’s what I mean, if you ran 5ks professionally, who would you look to for coaching?  Someone that has successfully ran marathons in the past successfully?  No, I wouldn’t think so.  There are a lot of different nuances between running 3.1 miles and running 26.2 miles.  Right?  Different strategies, training plans and required daily calories to be taking in.

Are you following me?  Online is no different.  If you want to learn how to bring in tiny $7 commissions like clockwork?  No problem.  Find these folks and see if they’ll help you out.  I’m finding most of these guys and gals are living paycheck to paycheck but now all the burden is on their own backs.

If you want to make up to $10,000 commission checks and want to know how to attract these type of leads?  Then you need to find someone who’s cracked the code on how to do it.  You need their training plan as you get logged in and are going through:

This 21 step system.

You’ll get the exact, step by step methods the top earners are using to bring in high ticket commissions as consistent and true as a Swiss Watch.  Modelling success is an age old shortcut to get anything you want in life.  I don’t know a better way than this if you’re looking for a way to build a lucrative business on the side part time.

Here’s 3 good reasons to try it today:

  1. You’re getting a 1 on 1 coach right from day 1 and a traffic coach once you’ve reached that step.  I’m not sure how long the coaching will be offered.
  2. It’s a small investment to learn the high ticket system and it’s risk free.
  3. Taking action and moving forward is the only way you’ll get what you want out of life.  This is a great first step.

Open This Up If You Feel Chained To Your 9-5…

July 17th, 2017 No comments

His boss told him when he could pee?  Around this time of year, many people are thinking about their independence.  I think that’s great.  However, for the most part, they’ll take their day of, grill out and chew on a few pounds of burgers and wienies.  They’ll have a beer or six.

The next day, it’s back to the J.O.B grind.  It’s back to being told when they can eat, work and even for some when they can go to the restroom to pee.  Only 15-40 years to go.  A giant not freedom, right?  What if a few good folks actually thought about their freedom, right now?  Then actually did something about it.

What does freedom sound like when the bells are ringing off in your ears and heart right now:

  • Freedom from the chirping alarm clock?
  • Freedom from the daily car commute?
  • Freedom to earn as much as you desire?
  • Freedom to travel around the world?
  • Freedom to take luxury vacations?
  • Freedom to eat out and not look at the price on the menu?
  • Freedom to take date nights and to have time to play with the kids while there is still time left for that before they’re grown and gone, gone, gone?

Not sure what it is for you?  Here’s something you can do that may help all these things become a reality.

Yes, show me how to get the financial and time freedom I desire and deserve out of life and that others fought for me to have. 

Heroes of history don’t wait for the perfect time to stand up and take the freedoms available to them.  They knew it was now or never.  I’m here for you.

Sick And Tired Of Hearing Your Alarm Clock Sound Off Every Morning

July 16th, 2017 No comments

No more alarms would free you up to wake up whenever you want.  Are you tired of pounding off that daily alarm clock that’s terrorizing your ears M-F?  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  What’s it “Alarming” you to anyway?  An awesome day ahead?  Or 12 plus hours worth of migraines and misery you’ll have to contend with?  Here’s a novel thought.  What would it take for you to escape from this possibly crazed daily grind?  I mean specific numbers.

Let’s get real to make it real – cool?  Is it $4k per month?  $5k?  $10K?  The numbers don’t matter.  What matters is that you know them.  That’s the only way we’ll replace them.  Right?  Let’s just say you need an extra $10K a month rolling your way so you can escape the J.O.B blues.  The getting shut off notice letter blues.  The living paycheck to paycheck blues.  $10K is just $333.33 per day.  If you’re selling a product online at $49?  Just 7 sales will be rolling $43 a day your way.  You’d be good to go, right?

With the correct system and funnel in place, this can happen near auto magically but what happens when you add in a backend to your online business?  Well, let’s just say, your automated funnel is only bringing you three sales a day.  That’s $147.  However, let’s say that for every 10 of these smaller sales you roll in, a $49 sale turns into a $3k, $5k or $10k sale?  $49 turns into $10K for you?  Ye, that is how you make the escape at least in my humble but accurate opinion.

That spells out the importance of you setting things up right, right from the start.

This gets it all set up for you. 

This doesn’t have to be hard.  It just has to be set up right for you to bring in maximum commissions with minimal efforts.  Are you in?