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Overwhelmed By Opportunity

What’s going to be the only thing that you will be able to do?  Try this.  Used to, you could only get your coffee black.  Cowboys drank it so black they say you could stand a spoon up in it.  Nowadays, you’re bombarded with fifty eleven different options to choose from.  Shuffle into a Starbucks and there’s mocha, decaf, frap, capp, almond, coconut milk, soy, lattes, iced hot or steamed.  You can get confused in there just trying to get a simple cup of coffee, right?

Today, we’re not feigning for options.  We’re overwhelmed with too many good choices.  What helps to decide where to start?  It’s realising they may all be good choices you’re looking at.  It’s not a matter of, this will and that won’t.  It’s important to realise you probably won’t want to stick with just one thing as you’re growing your side income.  Most authors have more than one book in them.  Most musicians have more than one song or album in them.  Most actors start in more than just one flick.  You’re likely the same.  Right?

What I’d take a deeper look at is in choosing the best platform for you to start and build from.  That platform will be the stage you will perform all your other profitable performances off of.  Now, I’ve found nothing better than by having a platform that generates High Ticket commissions and sales for you.  Hard to do other things and experience freedom when you’re only getting $27 – $47 commission checks cut out to you.

However, when you’re getting commissions like $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 regularly being added to your bank account, this is a platform you can build from.  I hope this makes sense.  I want the Dot Com Lifestyle, the freedom a business set up like this brings you.  You too?  Below is the platform I’m using.

Yes, show mw the Dot Com Lifestyle and how I can make this platform.

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