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One Unknown Fact That Can Make You Rich

Would you believe that meme’s were invented before the Internet was?  It seems like you can’t look at a list of comments or read an article without seeing a meme these days.  You know, the crazy photos with animals or people and type saying something goofy.  Meme’s can be stupid, annoying and they can be mean but despite all that they can make you a fortune too.

In 1976, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins published a book called The Selfish Gene.  In his book, he talked about how genes and viruses replicate and spread to transmit information.  He then went on to talk about how the same thing could happen with an idea in a culture.  He called it a meme because it almost rhymed with gene.  He even described memes going “viral” in his book.  40 years later, memes are all over the Internet and viral trends reach millions of people.

Other than being a neat fact you can whip out at parties, why should you care about where meme’s came from.  If you told someone today that memes were the invention of evolutionary biologists decades before the Internet even existed, they would never believe you but they would be wrong.

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