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One Sure Way To Screw Up Your Home Business

This gets you your first commission asap.  Thomas Carlyle says that our grand business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what clearly lies at hand.  A key to success in this business is simply finding what your next step in front of you is and taking it.  We can’t get to $10k months until we’re at $5k months.  We can’t ge to $5k months till we’re at $1k months.  Right?

The next step may be doing what’s involved to getting to sale number one.  That’s all that counts.  Getting the first sale gets 100% of your focus and attention.  Then it sets off a chain reaction because if you do one?  You can get a 1,000 more sales, just the same.
With this system in hand, not only will you know exactly what steps to take to get your first sale but the sale could turn into $1,000 plus commissions for you on the backend.  It’s all about using leverage and DFY systems now at your fingertips.  Have a great day.
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