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Marketing Tips From The Floyd Mayweather Fight

I’m not sure if you’re a boxing fan or not.  Either way, there are some knockout (excuse the pun) marketing and business lessons in the world of sports for us all.  For example the recent fight with Mayweather and Madiana at the MGM Grand Arena for the Welterweight title.  After 12 fairly intense rounds, Mayweather prevailed as the clear winner, increasing his undefeated record to 47-0.

Here’s the interesting part which also reveals a powerful success tip for us.  Lets compare Mayweather’s stats vs Madiana’s stats.  When you compare them, this is what you notice:

  • Mayweather threw 326 punches
  • Madiana threw 572

The takeaway here is that just throwing more punches doesn’t mean you’ll succeed.  Although, you do need to throw a lot of punches, aka take consistent action.  You can’t just show up, throw zero punches and expect any results.  The next statistic to compare is that:

  • Maywhether connected with 58% of his power punches.  108 out of 177.
  • Madiana connected with just 26%.  87 out of 335.

So, not only do you need to making plenty of punches but they also need to be accurate.  On target, you could say.  It’s no secret that we all want to succeed in this online business.  We all want and can be winners.  In order for us to do that we need action and knowledge.  We need the right action, the right system which will then greatly increase our chances of success.

This is the system I follow.

It’ll make the equivalent of a championship boxer in the online marketing and home business space.  You will know exactly how and what actions you’ll need to take in order to take your business to $10k a month and beyond or whatever your personal goals are.

It’s imperative and all so important to have a great coach in your corner.  Your coach:

  • Notices things you don’t
  • Encourages you just when you need it
  • Helps you win

That’s what you get with this system.

You get access to a highly successful coach in your corner.  Your coach will support you, train you and as you’ll see your coach will help you to make a lot of cash within this powerful system that’s transforming lives.  Now it’s your turn.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or want any help with anything.

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