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Make Sure Your Commissions Keep Rolling In

Shiny object syndrome?  This is what’ll keep money your way, year by year.  Do you know what a Perennial or Evergreen business is?  A perennial plant is one you can bury once and keeps it coming back year after year stronger and stronger.  Evergreen is something that never goes out of style or withers up.  It’s a business or content that’s always relevant, always on demand.  A book like To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a Perennial Best seller.  Markets like Health, Wealth and Relationships are Evergreen.

These are usually the areas you’ll want to focus on 99% of the time.  Not on the fly by night offers and markets that are out there, loud and pretty as they all may look, plant perennials and evergreens and you can be reaping a nice income year after year with a stable business or garden.  Stick with these things and you’re golden.  This is one thing that I considered when deciding where I’d place my focus.  It’s in a rock solid evergreen market.  It’s a perennial best seller.  In a business that’s been paying out millions and millions in commissions, year after year after year.

Check it out here.

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