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KISS Formula To $10K Months

Keep It Simple Stupid.  Sometimes, the opportunity and simplicity of this business can get lost in the clutter and noise out there.  Ever get, too much coming at your inbox and brain, yeah?  The beauty?  It can be found by stripping things back and looking at the basics.  Then you can see the true power of online leverage and automation.  Imagine this scenario.  You’re selling a product out in the real world.  You’ve got solid scripts to follow, people to call and so you get at it.  Pretty soon, you’re getting sales left and right but you’re overworked and your income is capped.  You just can’t handle any more work load.  You’re already missing dinners and time with the family as is.

So, what options do you have?  Well, you decide to hire commission based salesmen.  You give them all the same tools and scripts you have.  They go out, make their routes and generate new business.  You get a percentage of the sales.  After you’ve got 100, 200, 500 salesmen working for you that could mean a pretty nice income stream for you, right?  Of course, not every salesman will do the same.  Some will be lazy, others won’t stick to the script and so forth.

Would be nice if you could clone your top salesman, wouldn’t it?  Enter internet business and automation.  Imagine you’ve got a product that you’re selling.  It’s hands off meaning once you generate a sale, you don’t have to do anything else.  You can earn up to $10,000 per deal.  Nice, better yet once you decide to automate and increase your sales potential just like the offline business?  You’ll need salesmen but this time you set a highly valuable offer you can give away for free.  It demonstrates your value right up front.

You give this away to folks right when they enter their email address so they can get it.  You have ads that are sending steady leads to this page when they can go get the free value offer.  Some call this a welcome mat into your business and world.  Others call it a lead magnet.

Pretty soon?  You may have 500, 1,000, 10,000 plus people on this email list you’ve built.  What’s this mean?  It means you can write a quick email out, make a valuable offer and then you’ll hit the send button in your auto responder account.  It’s like having 500, 1,000, 10,000+ salesmen going out and working on your behalf at the push of a button.  The sales start coming in and in and in.  The only difference is they’ll be doing this 24/7/365.  They don’t stop and rest.  They don’t need to eat and they all will say the right thing.  I call them little digital salesmen.  That’s the true, simple beauty of running a smart online business.  You can automate nearly the entire process.  Then you just manage things and keep the engine running full steam ahead.

Is this making sense?  This frees up your time, gives you leverage and allows you to have the lifestyle you want while giving you the opportunity to be providing real value to many people.  It’s a great model, right?  As I mentioned at the outset, there’s a lot of noise out there.  It makes it easy for things to seem way more complicated than they really should be.  It can make you feel overwhelmed.  So, choosing the right model is key.

This is why I personally choose and recommend this option as the #1 path to take.

I’m not sure where you’re at right now but this is where my focus and heart is at the present moment.  I just don’t see the need to make things any harder or more complicated than this.  I hope this helps you too.  If you’re tired of complicated, why wait any longer?  You can start right now on something simple and that may work out extremely well for you.

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