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I Can’t Believe I Used To Believe That Business Worked This Way

When I was little, I used to think that business was magical.  Men in suits wave their hands around, smile and *poof!* money would appear.  The more people I talk to, I’ve realised that they still think that business is about “saying the magical words”, waving your hands and *poof!*

They think there must be some “Secret order” of rich men who, by some priestly incantation are endowed with the powers of hand wavery.  They’re close but they’re wrong.  “Magic and science are twins,” our science fiction author observed.  The difference is that, “One was sickly and died; the other was strong and throve.”

Making money isn’t magic.  It’s a machine.  Building a business isn’t about charisma, how much money you start out with or what kind of family your were born into.  Building a business is about having the right blueprint and committing to follow the rules.  Business is a science.

Our blueprint is 21 simple steps.  We do as much of your grunt work as we can and then we coach you the rest of the way.  You don’t have to be a magician and we’ve already developed the Way scientifically.

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