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How To Track Craigslist Ads?

When you’re placing Craigslist ads, it’s vital that you track them so you know the impressions your ads are getting, the clicks, leads and sales you’re getting.  Every time you change the wording, the offers you’re promoting or anything you change you need to know what the difference is in conversions.

Although Craigslist is free, you should still be tracking the ads so you know how well your ads are performing.  You’ll know which ads are working and which aren’t.

I use Click Meter to track ads.  Click Meter allows you to track all your ads in one place.  You don’t need any knowledge of coding as it’s all done for you.  You can be ready to use the service within minutes.  They promise an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.

Click Meter allows you to find out which of your ads are the most effective and that are bringing in the revenue so you can focus more on those ads.  Then you know where to invest your time and money.

Click Meter’s free plan includes amazing features but if you need to use your own domain in the tracking links and your logo in the reports as well as track a bigger number of clicks then you have to upgrade to a paid plan.

You shouldn’t only be tracking your Craigslist ads, you need to be tracking all your ads especially more so with the paid ads.  If you aren’t tracking, you don’t know what’s working.  You might as well take your wallet out and burn it.

I would highly recommend you start tracking your links with Click Meter if you aren’t already.  It could help you be a lot more profitable.  You’ll know which of your ads are making you money and which aren’t.  Then you would spend more money on the ads that are working for you.

If you need any help setting up link tracking, I’m more than happy to help you.  Just ask me and I will do my best to help you.

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