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How To Share The Wealth Before You Have It?

As you most likely know, I’m a big proponent of high ticket top tier income.  The benefits are obvious.  You can make $1k – $9k and above per customer.  With just a few customers per month and you can make a pretty dang good income.  I’m happy doing things this way.  It’s much easier to make $10k with top tier products than it is by selling cheap $7 – $97 products.  These offers do have their place but it’s not where your profits in this business will be found.  Not by a long shot.  High ticket baby.

There’s also a not so obvious element to running a highly profitable top tier driven business.  As you run a business like this, it’s easy not to be greedy in your actions.  This is how I see it.  Most of us want to give to others whether it’s with things, our time or something else.  Either our time or our income is usually limited to the point where we just can’t.  So we come off feeling like we’re the Grinch.

Yet, running a top tier business like one The MTTB System gives you, allows you to share the love even before the sale.

You might be wondering, how?  Through the bonuses and incentives you offer to your leads.  What would you do for or give to your prospects if you got commissions of $1k, $3k and $5k?  A lot more than if they’ve only invested $17 with you right?  You could:

  • Send $200 of traffic to their affiliate links
  • You could help them get their first 500 leads
  • You could buy them a kindle loaded with your top 5, most life changing books, mailed to their home with a personal hand-written note from you included.
  • You could spend an hour on the phone for the next month growing their business
  • If they spent $5k-$10k with you, you could even travel to their city or pay for them to come to you and do an intense 2-3 days workshop getting them a profitable funnel of their own up and running.

We’re just touching the surface here but do you think:

  • The bonuses from above would be valuable to your leads?
  • That may incline them to buy from you?
  • They may be more inclined to take action and succeed as opposed to buying just another course?

Yessir on all accounts.

The main lesson for today is don’t be greedy.  Share the wealth by creating irresistible bonuses that really help people.  You can use a business model like MTTB System that will give you the big commissions and will allow you to live the dot come lifestyle.  Doing things this way benefits everybody.  Running a top tier business benefits everybody.

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