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How To Make Profits Non-Negitiable?

Let me ask you, how “set” are you in your daily routines when it comes to your business?  For the majority that are failing online right now, when you look at what they’re doing, they’ve made everything negotaible.  For the rare bird that wisely plans his day out beforehand, he still fails.  This is because it was all negotaible.

He logs into his email and starts clicking away, opening up and getting involved in “other peoplles” agendas.  He goes on Facebook, reads what’s going on in other people’s lives most of whom he doesn’t even know and will never meet in person.  Before he knows it, he’s got got 15 tabs opened up on his computer, he’s overwhelmed and gets nothing done that he set out to do.  Instead of having a healthy 6 figure income from his efforts, he’s at $0.  He’s doing more things although the wrong things than the successful guys are doing daily.

So how do you get around this problem:

  • 1 – Set it in stome what you need to get done to move you closer towards your goals
  • 2 – Make it non-negotaible

It’s not up for debate, no further discussion will be entertained, it’s non-negotaible that you’ll get this done.  Of course, it helps to realise the big stumbling blocks and minimise them as well.  If you’re not getting the things done that you know you should be, what’s preventing you from doing these things:

  • Is it Email?
  • Facebook
  • Forums
  • Launches
  • Following too many gurus

Find out what these things are for you and box it in.  Find a little timeframe in each day that you can check your email, FB and so forth.  If that doesn’t work, what you need to be thinking and asking yourself is: if this thing is helping you move closer towards your personal goals or is distracting you from them.  If these things aren’t moving you closer to your goals (most often, they’re not) then it’s best for you to take drastic measures.  Cutt off your hand as it were.  Remove your eye or chop off your leg.  Completely remove the thing that is holding you back.

The things that should be non-negotiable in your day are:

  • Marketing
  • Builing up your list
  • Connecting with people in your industry
  • Adding value to people’s lives
  • Making offers

The more you can focus in on that, the more money you will make.

The MTTB system makes this super simple.

The hard work has already been done for you, a team will get you large commissions on your behalf and you can focus on the critical few things that will bring you home the bacon.  Then you can go watch the viral cat videos, check your email and do whatever it is that you enjoy.  Make sure to make the important things are non-negotiable and do them first.

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