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How To Make More And Stress Less?

Ignore this tip at your own peril.  Are you using plans or rules to bring you more time, income and freedom?  Imagine a nice woman who is at a party and the host offers her wine.  She’s decided ahead of time that she doesn’t want to consume any alcohol.  Yet, they persist.  We’ve bought your favourite wine, they say.  They keep testing, pressuring and putting her on guilt trips.  Till either she’s miserable or caves in and has a cup or three.  Yet, she had planned not to drink, right?  Now imagine, this same woman was 3 months pregnant.  She has a cut and dry rule that she will in no circumstances consume any alcohol.  End of story.

See the difference in setting plans and having firm rules in your life?  Now, imagine you’re working on growing your side business up to $10k months.  You know this effort will eventually set you free from the shackles most are tied down to for life.  However, a friend does not have the same plans to escape as you do and he wants you to go out and have some fun times with him.  It could be dinner, a movie or whatever.

What will you do?  Now, imagine in this same scenario, he wants you to go out with him yet you had already booked a plane ticket to a vacation spot and you were on your way to the airport.  Would you have a problem saying no in this scenario?  Likely no because you have a destination and a clear purpose to what they’re doing.  Interesting right?  With a set of rules you’ll live by and a clear destination of where you want to go.  Coupled with a step by step roadmap to help guide you along the way.  The world is your oyster and your grand plans are just a matter of staying the course.  Cool?

Here’s the plan I use.

Want to join me?  Have to run.  There’s 2 great rules I recommend for you to set up right away is:

  1. Set a time to work your business
  2. Set a time you’ll look at distraction activities like checking email, social media etc.  You got this.
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