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How To Make Money Online With Banner Ads

If you look at most websites you will see Banner Advertising as it is an effective form of advertising.  If you are new to making money online, you may think you have to own a company or be famous.  This is not the case as anyone with a website can get advertisers.  If your website is well known the chances are you, you will get companies contacting to you to advertise on your website.  You can start advertising on your website even if it is relatively unknown and you are just starting out.  You can start promoting for other internet marketing companies and use Banner Advertising to promote for you affiliate company.

There are three main types of payment schemes:

  1. Pay Per Impression – With PPM you are paid according to the number of times a banner is displayed on your website.  Your earnings are worked out based on the number of thousand impressions.  An impression is every time your banner is displayed.  It is also called CPM which is Cost Per Thousand.  The M is Latin for thousand.  You usually earn small per 1000 impressions but it adds up every 1000 impressions.  CPM advertising works well if you site gets a lot of traffic.
  2. Pay Per Click – This is when you are paid every time a visitor on your website clicks a banner.  You usually get more per click than with CPM.  A high traffic website usually makes a lot of money out of this.  You have to make sure you select the banner ads very carefully to suit your target market.
  3. Pay Per Sale Or Lead – Usually, you make the most amount of money with this method but it has the lowest conversion rates.  You earn when someone clicks on a banner ad and buys a product through your affiliate link.

With Affiliate Marketing Companies, they will usually wait till your earnings are at a certain level and then they pay you.  With whatever type of Banner Advertising you use, make sure to you pick the right offer for your audience.

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