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How To Make A Lot More Sales Online Without Doing A Lot More Work

Matt Lloyd did a webinar on how to make a lot more MLR sales without doing a lot more work.  He talked about the 6 main triggers of influence.  These are the triggers you can use to get people to buy your products or services.  The 6 triggers of influence are:

  • Reciprocity – If you give something to someone, they feel like they have to give you something in return.
  • Social Proof – Use testimonials to get massive social proof
  • Commitment – You have to commit to this like a regular business
  • Being Likeable – A lot of the top earners within MOBE are happy and likeable people
  • Scarcity – A lot of people are usually sitting on the fence.  This gets people off the fence and gives them a good reason to buy right now.
  • Authority – People act on authority.  If there’s a policeman that tells you to do something, you’re much more likely to listen to them rather than a regular person.

An extra tip Matt Lloyd talked about was the power of association.  Matt used this idea himself getting on stage with Jonathan Budd.  Jonathan Budd at the time had made $10 million and Matt was a nobody.  People think if Matt is associated with Jonathan, he’s probably on that level.  Matt’s business took off huge since then.  Now he’s an 8 figure income earner.  You can use the power of association yourself and take your business to the next level.

Use all these triggers of influence and you can start making a lot more sales online.

Click the link below and search for: “How To Make A LOT More MLR Sales (Without Doing A Lot More Work)”.  You will get a lot more details on how to make more sales online with MOBE.

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