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How To Keep Your Website Safe Online?

Below are some of the main ways to stay safe online:

  • Protect confidential information – Shoppers could abandon their online purchases if they don’t think their data is secure.  Make sure all private information is secured with HTTPS.  An SSL Certificate such as Comodo SSL protects online transactions and keeps data safe.
  • Back it up – Losing your files is easier than you think and so is protecting them.  You could keep local copies of all of your files or get a program like Codeguard which automatically creates daily backups for you.  HostGator will back up your site automatically as well.
  • Strengthen your passwords – I’m sure you’ve heard it before but choose complex combinations of letters and numbers, vary your passwords and change them regularly.
  • Think before you click -Do you really know who sent you that email.  Scammer have gotten smarter.  Be cautious with suspicious messages and links to keep your system free of malware.
  • Be vary of Wi-Fi – Is it a secure connection?  If you’re accessing the internet through an unsecured random hotspot, you could be at risk.  Try using a free VPN service which routes you through a private network and keeps you safe from threats.
  • Make sure your web apps are up to date – Online criminals can target software vulnerabilities for attacks so the key is to be vigilant.

These tips should help you to keep your website safe online.  If you’ve already got a website, great, if not HostGator offer some great deals.  They are very reliable, up 99.99% of the time, you get plenty of features and lots of support.

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